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The book can become a true friend and counselor, a door to a new world and the house of the cochlea, which hide from reality. But the book can and destroy – some important connections in your understanding of the world, some values, which suddenly seem false, but whether this is

Cornelia Funke, a very popular German writer, tells the story of those who loved the book so much, that managed to connect fictional, paper and ink with our worlds, is quite mundane everyday life.

But as it usually happens with the pages of the books escaped characters is not partiality.

So, a “book doctor” Mortimer his inspirational voice revived cruel Capricorn history “Inkheart”, but instead in a book hit Mo’s wife. He found himself in our world and ogneglotatel Sazheruk with his horned marten, and the villainous handy Basta. And start the adventure.

No, not the kind of whirlwind of meetings, experiences, pursuits and discoveries, which are always waiting for opening a thick book-tale.

Events follow each other quite measured, casually – we’re in a fantasy world, and among the familiar scenery

Inkheart Essay

Yes, and the story is quite ponderous – Know yourself rolling cart on the pavement coastal road:. Leisurely, now and then stumbling on the cobbles and you sit on it, and hold his hands a book, lines which themselves are jumping at every pothole

But to jump and sit somewhere in the shade of an elm you do not want -. there exists lose this his strange rhythm.

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in addition, you have become attached to the characters, including two – and especially also interesting:. Sazheruk and Fenoglio, who wrote the unfortunate tale

The first yearns for his own home, where the night is darker, more friendly fire, and in the air flying purple fairy with a little finger that can make you invisible. * How do I understand * Sazheruk – not a brave man, not a hero and not a handsome man. He – a loner who does not know what he should do, where to go. That rushing to and fro, restless

Fenoglio same -. Racy writer, for which an impressive appearance – very good heart. He invented the wicked boasts of his books and neslaschavymi finals, but does not favor like this in reality. Outside of letters and words, he – the best grandfather in the world, and make-believe stories, which are so interesting then play

Is not it strange that of all the strings of sympathy cause is not the main characters, who are as usual. how cardboard villains Basta Ploskonos? And stammering with fear reader Darius is more interesting than Mo, which easily can extract from “Treasure Island” mountain of gold louis. And forty, the mother of Capricorn, where his colorful heartless son.

The book is based on Cornelia Funke’s amazing idea, but it turned out to be too conventional embodiment. But it is impossible not to feel from the first lines – their author devotedly in love with books. And it was in the paper, rustling sheets, pleasing to the eye illustrations and uppercase initials. In the book, promising a miracle and do promise to capture your heart and the mind. I think, in the form of Eleanor, a passionate bibliophile, writer portrayed herself. And that’s really where you want to get there, so it is in her estate – by the lake, surrounded by greenery, – where each room is filled with books – here and there in disorder, among which will certainly find what you need you

. each chapter is preceded by an epigraph – of the authors, friends since childhood (End and Carroll, Lewis and Tolkien, Kestner and Barry) and completely unknown (Walton, White, Sednak). If the reader gets into a small home library, where books are on the shelves of the dark, and even smell in a special way. He goes through volumes of random and occasionally glancing out the window, through which a slanting ray of sunlight falls, woven from thousands of glittering dust. The reader will not have to hurry – the story itself will choose the pace

The reader is left to decide whether he liked the story or not.. And if he will think about it, when it will turn the last page. And it certainly would be if as much as her characters, loves books, and if in his heart forever settled ink passion.

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