Factors That Influence Communication And Interpersonal Interactions

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In this assignment I am going to be explaining the factors that are influencing effective communication and interpersonal interactions in health and social care environments. I will also be describing the factors that influenced communication in Mrs Singh’s case study.

Factors that effect communication

The environment

The environment effects communication is the lighting is not correct which can disturb people as they would not be able to see properly.

The setting is not correct and the noise level is too high to communicate with people. (1)

Social Care Environment Examples


The ability to be confident and to respond to others in an appropriate way for example by showing respect and not being rude.

Values and beliefs

The risk of making assumptions about someone before even getting to know them, also stereotyping the individual.



As the person with a disability would like to interact and communicate in a certain way, which they feel comfortable with.

Content of communication

Communicating with someone in a difficult complex or a sensitive situation as you may say something which would hurt them. (3)

Emotional needs

By the person feeling stressed and angry as they are suffering from depression or anxiety, also issues affecting their life. (4)

Nature of communication

The different types of communication such as spoken language, signs, symbols, written and electronic systems of communication.

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Cultural differences

People from different cultures have their own preferred ways for a lot of things, especially when it comes to communication. For example speaking to a service user in English, but the service user does not understand as English is not his/her first language.

All the factors which are either make it hard to communicate or improve communication, between people. (6)

Mrs Singh’s Case study

In Mrs Singh’s case study the factors that are effecting her communication are:

* Lighting

* Noise

* Language differences

* Jargon

* Aggression

* Time

Explain the factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in Mrs Singh’s Case Study.

What would have been more appropriate, or helped the communication.


The environmental factors that are effecting her communication are the light as it is flickering which is causing a disturbance, to her. The noise in the background as it is a disturbance, to hear what is being said. Lastly, the setting is not appropriate because the meeting was held in the ward day room at lunchtime. This is not a suitable setting as lunchtime is the busiest time in a ward, as a lot of noise is made. Another problem with the setting was that the (MDT) multi – disciplinary team are all seated around the table on high chairs, whilst Mrs Singh and her husband are sitting in lower ‘patient’ chairs. This influences the communication badly because it will make Mr and Mrs Singh feel uncomfortable and will make them feel pressured and disempowered. As they are on lower chairs which may lead to the message not being received or not understood properly, as the MDT may not give eye contact. As both in the meeting, the communication between Mrs Singh and the MDT is not going to be dully positive. As the service providers are not sitting at the same level as Mrs Singh and Mr Singh which shows less eye contact will be made. It will make Mrs Singh feel that she is not important.

It would have been more appropriate if the light was not flickering which would have not disturbed Mrs Singh. If there was no background noise so she could somehow understand what is being said to her. And lastly, the setting was better as the meeting was held at the wrong time, wrong place. Also if the seating of the meeting would have been better, as everyone would have been at the same height. If they were provided with the same type of chairs. If the seating was appropriate Mr and Mrs Singh would have felt comfortable and they would have understood more what is being said to them.

Language differences

Language differences and jargon are effecting Mrs Singh’s communication. This is because Mrs Singh and her husband speak minimal English as English is not their first language. Jargon is effecting the communication as a lot of medical terminology is used in the meeting, and the medical terminology was not put into a way which they could Mrs Singh and her husband Mr Singh could understand.

The MDT team should have hired a translator or interpreter which would have, made Mrs Singh understand everything. Also jargon should not have been used, as the medical terminology should have been simplified so they know what it being said to them.


Aggression is effecting the communication due to the nurse raising her voice for Mr and Mrs Singh, so she could be heard over the environmental noise. She appears to be rather aggressive because of her tone of voice.

If the MDT team had chosen a better place to have the meeting there would have been less noise. And the nurse would not have had to speak loudly, but Mr Singh and Mrs Singh misunderstood and made them feel that the nurse was being aggressive towards them. This would affect the interaction by making Mr and Mrs Singh feel that they the nurse is not being friendly to them but instead is being aggressive. It also would have affected the interaction by making Mrs Singh feel scared to ask any questions if she or her husband had any.


The meeting was rushed as the conversation begins to speed up as time was very limited and the doctor needs to leave very shortly. Enough time was not given to Mrs Singh to explain what needed to be said to her.

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Factors That Influence Communication And Interpersonal Interactions
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