Demonstration of Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Mentor Meetings

My mentor meetings were face-to-face and this enabled me to calmly discuss the ideas and issues I had with my mentor. Speaking to my mentor, I identified that I had a weakness in expressing ideas. I could have the points in my mind but finding the exact words to communicate them to my mentor in a way that she could understand was hard. I made an effort to use suitable language which would express my thoughts in a clear and professional style.

So by the time we had the fourth meeting when I presented, I could feel the significant improvement in my verbal skills.

Additionally, listening is an important skill which makes communication effective. After expressing my opinions and queries, I carefully listened to my mentor’s advice and noted down the key points for reference. She reviewed my report and gave really helpful ideas of how I should improve it further.

Preparing the research report

In order to clearly communicate my research findings and assessment to the reader, I have used a precise and simple language which is easy to understand.

I learnt how to cite other people’s ideas and have to the best of my ability correctly referenced all the ideas which I acquired from other sources in my report.

In the spreadsheet, I used charts to demonstrate the movements in ratios. When I was extracting and organising necessary data from the financial statements and making the graphs, I realised I had forgotten some of my essential excel skills that I acquired in high school but doing this project refreshed and enhanced my knowledge on IT skills.

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While working on my presentation, I learnt how to point out key facts from a lot of information. Before the presentation, I was a little nervous since am not so used to communicating formally. Presenting my work to the mentor helped me improve my oral and staging skills; I maintained eye contact and used hand gestures so as to engross the listener and easily make her understand the points. At the end of the presentation, I had to spontaneously respond to the questions that my mentor asked me. These were about the company’s research findings and conclusions and as I was well versed with my knowledge and understanding about Gemalto, I was able to give answers confidently and satisfactory although I made a grammar mistake on one of the statements I said. Thereafter, I carefully listened to my mentor’s comments and suggestions on the areas I needed to improve on. She as well remarked that the overall presentation was interesting and corresponded with the information I had written down on the research report.

Carrying out this project has motivated me to keep improving on these skills as they are an important aspect in life. I am thankful to my mentor who gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my presentation and communication skills and also suggested on how I improve on them.


Beginning with my studies, doing this project gave me a very nice opportunity to learn how theoretical knowledge I acquired can be applied in real life situations. My understanding of the financial and business analysis models strengthened. I got to know that not only internal but also external factors have a great effect on an organisation and even the importance of a company giving value to non-profit items like Corporate Social Responsibility.

In this advancing world, I realised how a technological change can affect this company and also other similar companies. Analysing the company’s financial statements enabled me to see how they are interlinked and how trends of one sensitive value like revenue can impact position of the company. I would not be able to see such movements from a broad perspective if it wasn’t for this project. I identified new points the competition, political factors which made me curious to learn more about their effects. This motivated me to read more which will probably be helpful in the future.

I am currently preparing for the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) exam recently introduced by ACCA. It involves the application of techniques like SWOT and PESTEL which I have properly understood while undertaking this project. Before, I didn’t have an idea of how I would go about this paper but preparing this project has raised my confidence and I’m certain that the skills I have acquired will very much help me to succeed in this paper and also in the other remaining ACCA professional papers.

The res

The RAP made me learn how to manage time. I made a timetable balancing my studies and timeframes in which I would accomplish parts of the RAP. Conversely, I encountered situations which I had not predicted like shifting the house and my laptop got damaged. This lagged me behind since I had not accounted for unforeseen circumstances in the timeframes, however, I was still able to complete before the submission deadline. I learned how to work efficiently under time pressure conditions and next time I will make sure I provide for abrupt circumstances so that I can meet my targets at the time set.

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