Factors That Influence Communication

The factors that influence communication as a process range from those that are induced through individuality, by the society, cultures, ethics and others that work together. For instance, an individual’s surrounding and those they relate with shapes their way of communication. A great example suffices in the manner of a lady who is seeking to further her education in a tertiary institution, say Betty. Her parent, a businessperson, experiences life from a different environment, hence is likely to miss out on Betty’s experience.

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This greatly influences how they communicate with each other. Secondly, the society sets standards by which most people operate. These are like guidelines that shape how people communicate with each other. A person from a community like the minorities more often than not has a set of beliefs that keep them communicating in a certain way. As such, cultural factors set a context within which people in the said culture communicate.

For instance, it is expected that the communities with the father as the head of the family eave a more conservative way of communicating, while more liberal communities accept independent views (Mayans et. Al. , 2012). In conclusion, the cultures as influenced by a society, individuality, ethical amongst many other factors usually influence how people communicate. While individual factors like personality shape how one communicates, societal expectations may also serve to model how they do so.

In spite of all this, the most universal factor among them all is ethics since it applies to a eider range of communities without consideration of the less influencing factors.

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For instance, at school, it is expected that all students communicate in a certain way without much influence from their communities and even families.

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