Individuality Essay

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In a community where one is expected to fit in with the group and not standout, anyone who expresses individuality is bound to stand out and make an important identity in that society. Individuality can make leaders, which have the potential to bring a long-term positive change to a modern society. Individuality creates leaders in any society. When a human has an attitude of being content with themselves to the point where they can freely express themselves, it brings out a great deal of self confidence.

This confidence can be positive, and because humans are naturally attracted to people with self-confidence, these people that show individuality will have the ability to then command the respect of their peers and naturally rise to be leaders. Martin Luther King was a person that used Individuality to be a leader in his society. Without this great leader thinking the way he wasn’t “supposed to”, and leading peaceful revolutions to stop slavery and segregation we wouldn’t have the United States we have today.

Individuality Essay

Because of his self-confidence, individuality, and support from people that followed him, he was successful in changing history to make his community and the world a much better place. Being a good leader can bring change to a society in many ways. Particularly, the implementation of a positive leader itself can bring change due to the ability for people to have a strong figure to look up too. When human beings have a feeling of loyalty to a figure they will automatically want to work hard to please him/her.

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With the majority of the people working hard/compassionately, the society will start to already see a change economically and politically rising. When the area becomes economically and politically strong due to the efforts of the people, the region starts to gradually get edified and bring in more and more of a population, bringing more diverse opportunities, such as scientists, engineers, artisans, and different cultures and skills.

This increase of population will also come an increase in enemy eyes, but the ability for a leader to accumulate an army becomes effortless with a large population. The implementation of a leader easily brings many changes to a society in many different aspects. As you can see, individuality and respect earned from your fellow peers can automatically bring leaders into an area. Leaders have the ability to bring many costive changes to a modern society, such as political/economic growth, and different opportunities.

In History, many of our great leaders like Martin Luther King used individuality to change a very unfair system of segregation, while also changing the United States forever. This is one of many instances of leaders using individualistic views to make long-term changes in an area. This shows that individuality is a very important trait for a leader to have to acquire success, and power. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. ” – Mark Twain

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