If Jesus Walked the World Today: Country Western Song

Title: If Jesus Walked the World Today0Performer: Alan Jackson0Composer: Alan Jackson0Source: Youtube0Comments: This song definitely has a song country western feel to it, as well as Christian tone because of the lyrics. Alan Jackson uses humor in this song to catch people’s attention by saying that Jesus would be a hillbilly if he were to come back to Earth. I like the use of the guitar in this song because it is what makes the song have a more country rhythm.

I think the lyrics are what is most memorable about this song because it allows people to think of Jesus as not only a on a God, but also a common person who acts like everyone else.

I think that makes people feel more comforted to know that Jesus was a person that lived a life like average person and went through hardship Just like any other person. Title: I Lift My Hands0Performer: Vashawn Mitche110Composer: Vashawn Mitche110Source: Youtube0 Comments: The first thing I noticed about this song is how calming it is and how beautiful the instruments are.

There is one instrument used that I really liked but I can’t tell what it is. It sounds sort of like a maraca but softer. The guitar also helps set the slow, intense tone that the song gives off.

I like how the song is sung by numerous people at once and they sing it in perfect harmony. Then Vashawn Mitchell has a solo and you can tell the strong relationship he has with God Just by the way he sings.

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I also like how the other singers repeat what he say so it emphasizes the words he is singing. Title: You Raise Me Up0Performer: Josh Groban0 Composer: Graham, B. /Lovland, R. OSource: Youtube0Comments: I think the most memorable part about this song is the powerful message it sends out. I think that is also why it speaks to me. It talks about how having a relationship with God can be hat help you get through rough times.

All the instruments combined with his voice give the song an amazing harmony. I like the use of the drums and the violin in this song. I think this song has more of pop style to it than any other genre. I think music like this exists so that people can feel like there is hope even during the tough times in life and that they know God is always watching over them. It makes problems in life seem less stressful when you know a high power has a plan for your life. It makes you know that everything will work out in the end. Title: Jesus Walks0Performer:

Kanye West OComposer: Kanye West0Source: Youtube0Comments: This song is a rap but also has a message about the gospel and Jesus as well. I haven’t ever heard a hip hop version of a song about religion before but I like it because it is a more modern type of music that many teenagers listen to today. The only thing is that is more difficult to hear what Kanye West is singing because he raps so fast. I like how the choir of females Joins in to sing at the chorus of the song. The beat that is set by the backup singers in the beginning is also very interesting to listen to and makes the rhythm of the song very unique.

Title: Love Me Tender0Performer: Elvis Presley0 Composer: Matson, Vera/Presley, Elvis0Source: Youtube0Comments: I really like that this song is such a genuine love song that was written so long ago and is still listened to by so many people still today. IVe heard this song many times but I have never really llstenea to tne Instruments ana nls volce so attentlvely. I Ilke now aeep nls voice is because that is what helps really set the tone for the song, and separates him from many other singers. I think the main instrument used is a violin and that instrument makes the song sound more romantic and slow-paced.

This song speaks to me because of the message of the lyrics. Love is such a powerful emotion and I really enjoy hearing about it through music and the way it makes people feel. Title: I Saw the Light0Performer: Hank Williams0Composer: Traditiona10Source: Youtube0 Comments: I liked this song because the lead singer has a very distinct, unique voice. The lyrics talk about how a man was lost in life and was living life all wrong. Then when we began to understand what God’s purpose for him in life was and he “saw the light. ” This is a gospel song, and has a very catchy beat to it which makes it very enjoyable to listen too.

It sounds like there are several guitars playing throughout the song. It also sounds like there might be a harmonica or something like that being used at the very beginning of the song before the lyrics start. I think the drums are what really set the rhythm for the song though. Title: Beautiful Dreamer0Performer: Raul Ma100Composer: Foster, Stephen Collins0Source: Youtube0Comments: This song is very calming and sounds like only a guitar is the only instrument being used. The harmony of the guitar and his voice make the song very peaceful to listen too.

I could listen to this song while trying to fall asleep. I like that the lyrics talk about all the different things people dream about. He sings about how he wants this woman to wake up and be next to him because she is dreaming and sleeping so peacefully. Title: Vacant Chair0Performer: Kathy Mattea0Composer: Root, George Fredericko Source: Youtube0Comments: This song was written to talk about a man who was killed in the Civil War. Guitars are used to create the rhythm for this song. I think the lyrics are what make the song really stand out to me.

She sings about the man who died and how the family will miss him on Thanksgiving and that he will be the “vacant chair” at the table. I think this song was created to that we can think back to how hard it must have been for those families to lose ones they loved in the war. Music is a way to remember those died fighting in war. Title: Handful of Keys0 Performer: Dick Hyman0Composer: Waller, Thomas “Fats”0Source: Youtube0 Comments: This song is used with Just a piano and no words. The piano is played very quickly to give the song an upbeat tempo. The genre is piano Jazz.

I could see this song being played at a carnival or the background music of some funny skit. The beat makes me want to get up and dance but also makes me feel like I am being ushed because the piano is being played too fast. Title: It Had to Be You OPerformer: Tony Bennett & Carrie Underwood0Composer: Jones, Isham/Kahn, Gus0Source: Youtube0Comments: This duet is a very beautiful love song. It talks about the power love has and how happy and sad it can make a person. It sounds like there is a piano, violin, and several other instruments being used in this song.

I really like the contrast in the voices because he sings so deeply and hers is so different. I also like how the song begins Just using the piano and his voice and then everything else comes into he song gradually. Carrie Underwood doesn’t come into the song until the first chorus. Title: Blue Skies0Performer: Willie Nelson0Composer: Berlin, Irving0Source: Youtube0Comments: This is a country western song about love. I really like that he says there is only blue skies when he is with the one he loves. He does a guitar solo In tne m1001e 0T tne song too wnlcn Is really Interestlng to near .

I nere are also arums used in the background of the song. This song’s tone is soft and very romantic. I think that country western music love songs sounds the most genuine to me and it sounds ike they are really speaking from the heart. This song is very repetitive, which makes it easy to learn and sing along to which is something that I enjoy doing. Title: White Christmas0Performer: Perry Com00Composer: Berlin, Irving0Source: Youtube0Comments: I really like the instrument used to start the song. I cant tell what it is though. It sounds like a triangle and a harp.

Perry Como’s voice is very deep but almost sounds sad in this song. He’s describing how Christmas and everything that comes along with Christmas time. I like when the choir comes in and sings in the middle of the song. The harmony of his voice and the instruments used makes the sound perfect for a holiday song. I could see myself listening to this song while decorating my Christmas tree and decorating the house. Title: That’s Alloperformer: Michael Bubl?©0Composer: Brandt, A. /Heyman, B. 0Source: Youtube0Comments: The first thing I noticed about this song is how many instruments are used to make this song come together.

I can hear drums, a cello, violins, a guitar, and many others. I think what makes this song most memorable is the lyrics. All the metaphors he uses to describe his love makes his song sound very unique and special. It’s songs like this that make me believe true love is possible if people can feel the feelings that he is singing about. I also like the instrument solo. I think it is a saxophone. Title: I’m Yours0Performer: Jason Mraz0Composer: Mraz, Jason0Source: Youtube0Comments: This song is created with Just using a guitar and a set of drums.

This song is also fairly new. I really like his voice. The drums sound more like a hand drum rather than drums played with drum sticks. The guitar and the drum solo in the middle of the song are very cool to listen to. This song almost have a Jamaican feel to it I think. IVe eard this song many times but I never sat and listened to it so thoroughly, and I realized how talented Jason Mraz is and how good his voice is. I think what is most memorable to me though is the man who plays the drums because he really sets the rhythm and tone of the song through his instrument.

Title: Rhythm of Love0 Performer: Plain White T’s0Composer: Plain White T’s0Source: Youtube0Comments: One thing I noticed before even listening to this song is that the band actually wrote the song too which I think is very interesting because I think that adds to their talent and creativity. They only use guitars to create this song. I think the tone of this song is very laidback and makes it relaxing to listen to. I also really like the lyrics of this song. Instead of being an intense love song, it sounds more playful and fun.

It makes the love they are taking about seem even more real because it sounds more realistic. I like when the other backup singers Join in for the chorus because it makes it stand out. Title: Summertime0Performer: Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong0Composer: Gershwin, George/Gersh… 0Source: Google0Comments: In this song there a few instruments but one that I really noticed was the trombone. I also heard the flute, axophone, keyboard and tuba as well. Then the woman comes into the song with a slow, long sounding voice. Then there is a short pause and the man singer comes into the song.

They go back and forth for awhile, singing to each other. The rhythm is very slow, it takes it’s time through the song and never really speeds up. I liked when tnere was a snort pause ana tnen tne lacy singer came In wltn a sort voice. lltle??? Sugar Foot Stomp0Performer: Fletcher Henderson0Composer: Armstrong, Louis/ Oliver,… 0Source: Google0Comments: This is a song you can go swing dancing too! I really enjoyed this song and wish I lived in the 1950’s. t’s fast paced and has an upbeat tone, it makes me want to dance! There was a flute in this song that I loved. here was also a keyboard that Just rocked my world it made me want to get up and dance. the trombone was magnificent as well. I noticed that there was a little shout out in the middle of the song, but I didn’t understand what they said. I could see this song being played on a record with people dancing all around it. Title: Toyland0 Performer: Jonny Mathis0Composer:0Source: Youtube0Comments: This song starts off very slow, it sounds like a slow boring Christmas song that isn’t very good in my ption. I don’t really like this music but I could see elderly people really enjoying this song.

There is Just one singer through the song, he has a great voice but it’s Just slow for me. It sounded like a piano and a violin but that was about it, besides a random bell here and there. The rhythm was very slow. Title: My Man’s Gone0Performer: Jascha Heifetz OComposer0Source: Youtube0Comments: This song was not Appling to me at all. I almost had too change it and pick a new song, too me it was that unbearable. It stays very slow with Just a slow few instruments in the song. It’s a iano with some violin in there mixed with a flute is what it sounds like too me.

There was no singer and sped right up at the end, but I don’t know why because it was such a slow song. Title: The Banshee0Performer: Henry Cowe110Composer:0Source: Youtube0 Comments: The song starts off very strange, its quite and sounds very faint. It doesn’t make much sense too because it’s so hard to hear. Then there is some fast paced music that also sounds weird. Then there is a long pause and there is a piano that is very loud, then out of no were there is a very annoying sound that won’t stop. I didn’t like this song at all. It scared me a little and made me feel weird.

It sounded like someone was getting chased. Title: I Believe I Can Fly0Performer: R. Kelly0Composer: Kelly, R. OSource: Youtube0Comments: The first thing I noticed about this song was how good R. Kellys voice was. It is very soothing to listen to and makes me feel relaxed. I could hear violins, cellos, and drums playing throughout the song. I think the lyrics are what speak to me about this song and are what are most memorable for me. It is very inspirational and talks about dreams people have. It is important to be able to believe that you can achieve you goals.

Not only that but you have to support others when they have a goal they want to reach as well. I think this song exists so that people can feel a sense of hope when they listen to. Listening to this song makes my stress go away. Title: I’m Too Sexy0Performer: Right Said Fredo Composer: Right Said Fred0Source: Youtube0Comments: This song is very comical. I think it is created to make people laugh because I have heard many Jokes made about this song. I can’t tell if the singer is being sarcastic. It is hard to tell what instruments are being used in this song, but I can tell that there is a guitar being layed.

I could see this song being played at a disco, or at some other dance club. The rhythm stays the same throughout most of the song, and the song has an upbeat tone. I really like when he says “I’m too sexy for this song,” and then the song Just enos tnlnK tnat was a very clever wny to ena tne song ana It made me laugn I Can See Clearly Now0Performer: Jonny Nash0Composer: Nash, Johnny0Source: Youtube0Comments: I can hear several different instruments being used in this song. I can hear the drums and a guitar. I also hear another instrument being used and it ounds like either a clarinet or a saxophone.

I think the harmony of the instruments and Jonny Nash’s voice is the best part about this song. This song sends out a very positive message, and talks about how life can get better. Everyone has bad days, but you have to have bad and good days throughout your life. The melody of his voice in this song also make my worries go away because it is so peaceful to listen to. Title: Money OPerformer: Pink Floyd0Composer: Pink Floyd0Source: Youtube0Comments: This song is definitely a rock n’ roll song. I liked how before the lyrics began, they set he rhythm and had a register opening sound.

It made you know the song was going to be about money. It sounds like there are several guitars being used during this song at one. I think the drums are really what set the tone though. I thought this song was going to be about how rich these people were, or how much they like money. However, I was wrong. They are actually singing about how much they dislike money and all the problems that money causes. I really enjoyed when Just the instruments were played in the middle of the song and there were no lyrics so that I could really just focus on the instruments.

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