America Is Not the Greatest Country in the World

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People in America believe it is the best due to two facts. Either one, they were born here, or two, there is a huge possibility they have not been to any other country besides America. I have lived in America all sixteen years of my life. I’ve witnessed things quite a lot over the years that involve America and the people in it. I feel that America is not the greatest country in the world, and I also think that it is way overrated.

Therefore, I want to address how America and Americans are not grateful for what they’re given and are extremely disrespectful. I feel Americans refuse to look at the bad in our country. They vision that everything that happens in America happens for a reason and that there is nothing bad about it.

Thomas Paine had said, “There are persons too who see not the full extent of the evil that threatens them; they solace themselves with hopes that the enemy, if they succeed, will be merciful” (Paine 1777).

Americans refuse to face reality and they think that if they keep their guards up and their hopes high, that sooner or later, their enemies will feel for them and help them out. People have to learn how to do things for themselves. That is a big part of life and growing up. Patrick Henry stated, “But different men often see the same subject in different lights” (Henry 1775). So therefore, many Americans can be in their own little worlds, not realizing what is going on in the world or how it is being treated.

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This is why I believe America refuses to look at the bad, in which makes them believe we’re the greatest, although America needs some major changes. Something America supports, that I determine should change, is abortion. Studies made have brought the attention to the statement “fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks” (Derbyshire 1996). This shows there is a major possibility that the fetuses can feel pain.

Personally, I feel that abortion is not okay. The babies do not have the choice to become a being or not. A human should take enough responsibility to use protection or some other form to prevent pregnancy. If they do by chance get pregnant, consider other routes other than abortion, such as giving the baby up for adoption to a person(s) who actually wants to provide a loving and caring environment for the baby. In the text, it mentions how at this age, “the fetal brain can organize and elaborate stimulus information, encoding in memory the activation of innate reflex responses…” (Derbyshire 1996). This proves that fetuses are using their brains, even at such a young age. For example, when the baby heres a certain voice, it starts to move due to the fact that it remembers that voice. This is why I judge abortion should not be allowed, and in which it should be changed in America. This is one of the bad things about America, but America does have some good qualities. Even though America has its quantities of things that should change, it also has some good things that should not be changed at all, like the fact we are stress-free.

In “The American Crisis,” Thomas Paine states, “Not a place upon earth might be so happy as America” (Paine 1777). I think that he is not technically meaning America the country itself is happy, but the people in America are. The way America is ran keeps the population happy and stress-free. The majority of them don’t have to worry about starvation, poverty, and anything dangerous. Don’t get me wrong, they still have to worry, just not as much. So therefore, they have more time to focus on their personal lives such as their families, jobs, and friendships. In the article by Benny Lewis, he declared, “What will always make sure that I keep coming back is that I’ve made some lifelong friends with so many people that I never would have been able to elsewhere in the world because of so many things that we do share in common, or things we believe in” (Lewis 2017). This shows that Americans are open to new friendships with anybody around the world and that they are willing to build onto upcoming friendships. Even though this is a great quality about America, it doesn’t make it the greatest, which some would argue. Some people may say America is the greatest country in the whole wide world; however many would disagree with this statement due to the facts listed about America.

In the newsroom clip, the man states, “We’re 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, 4th in labor force and in export” (Sorkin 2015).This shows that we’re not number one in anything great nor amazing. We can’t label ourselves as great, if we can’t live up to the label. When there is proven facts, you can’t deny it because it is listed. Then later on, the man goes on to state what we are number one in. We’re number one in the number of people incarcerated, number of adults that believe in angels are real, and that we spend more on military when most are just allies (Sorkin 2015). This is evidence we are number one in things that are not very good. People are not going to look at those facts and be like “that is why America is the greatest.” Therefore, nothing can beat the facts of why we are not the greatest. This is why I believe America is not the greatest. Not only with the rates of how we’re not the greatest, but also how we don’t pay attention to the fact that there are soldiers out there fighting for us and Americans are not as grateful as they should be. Therefore, America is not the greatest, and I pray in the future that we can change some things and make it just as good as it use to be. Where we use to care about each other and our country.

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