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In act, children too seem to be very mature and learn to fend for themselves in pressure driven times. They tend to be more capable of handling different situations, though being underestimated by their parents and teachers. To my way of thinking, wisdom does not necessarily point to a higher capacity to figure out something or Judge acts with prudence it means caring about your life, learning from your mistakes without repeating them from vanity and being smart enough to put in balance all the consequences that a choice might have.


Undisciplined. Rebellious. Negligent. Disrespectful. These are few of the words a teenager is called every day. Do they help him Do they try to make any good No, they do nothing but discourage, even weaken the youngster, making him not trust himself Think of a young little boy who has lived all his life on his own, he anymore. Passed through complicated life roads alone, without any support, from anybody, facing many problems sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, learning from every minute of his life, but still, he managed to overcome every hardship.

He has learned owe to shelter when it rains, how to warm up when its cold and what is more, how to take care of himself when his family should have. As far as I believe, every youth may hold all of the knowledge in the world, and may have the answers to all questions, without knowing this. Of course, I am slightly exaggerating but I am sure you understand my point, which is that young people seem to know more than the elderly in different situations, even though they lack experience.

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Why is so Firstly because they prove to be more patient than an adult. They have the capacity to remain calm for longer, as a consequence of their tender age. Secondly, they are fast learners, capable of learning new skills in no time, due to their desire and curiosity to understand the unknown. Moreover, the 20th century defined the youth as those that had to educate themselves on emerging streams of knowledge and were exonerated from demanding Jobs and responsibilities. The media forces have also lead the children of today to be more informed, and more ailing to take over what life has to offer to them.

Therefore I feel that the road of life does not always take us where we expect. For many of us there is a great desire and longing to do something with our lives. We have our dreams and wishes. We have waited a long time for independence, so it is our turn to make decisions, to call the shots and forge our own way through the world.

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Example on If Jesus Walked The World Today
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