The following sample essay on Ccot Essay Example Coastlines are leveled in order to increase trade over the seas. -Deforestation occurs in large areas in order to make space for sugar crops. -Few ports and small passageways allowed for many pirate raids on trading ships. -Animals brought to the region from Americas bring diseases that affect life expectancy and population growth. -Pollution increases around the ports along the Red Sea. -European explorers utilize ocean currents and trade winds to move between the region and the Americas.

-To prepare for the construction of Versailles, deforestation is practiced.

New crops from the New World are grown and harvested. -Large-scale silver mining occurs which causes deforestation. -Cattle and other domesticated animals from other regions cause destruction of pastures by overgrazing. ;Horses and other imported animals affect the lifestyles of many indigenous peoples. A. Silver mining occurs on a larger scale. B. New crops are planted and harvested in all regions of the world. C. New animals are introduced to various regions which cause new diseases to appear. Deforestation continues to occur to provide new space for development.

Iron is still mined and utilized. Ocean winds and currents are used to move between continents via sea. -Traders of SE Asia used the monsoon winds to explore and trade. -Crops imported from various regions of the world made up a large portion of agricultural production in the region. -Deforestation for large-scale agricultural production was carried out. A. Increased diamond and silver mining led to deforestation, soil poisoning, and erosion.

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The soil mining was increased because it allowed for the regions at the time to gain wealth easily.

New crops were introduced to different regions of the world due to the Columbian Exchange. It was important because it allowed for more agricultural production and less starvation around the world. C. New animals that are introduced by the Columbian Exchange alter the lives of people around the world. These new animals are utilized for more efficient manual labor and leads to a more abundant agricultural yield as well as more wealth in certain regions. 1 . Deforestation was continued because new land was always required for further development In many regions.

Deforestation allowed regions to expand their space for agriculture and mining although it destroyed the home of many plants and animals. 2. The use of iron never diminished because it is a key component for tool making, weapon making and warfare. The mining and use of iron was very popular because it was abundant and very durable. 3. The use of ocean winds and currents continued to be used in overseas travel as it allowed for traders and travelers to move around more efficiently. The use Of these winds and currents allowed for more wealth to be accumulated as trade continued.

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