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Hnd Biomedical Science Paper

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Determination of the concentration of ethanol acid in commercial vinegar Introduction: The aim of the experiment was to determine the military of ethanol acid in table vinegar by titrating a sample with alkali sodium hydroxide (Noah) with a known concentration of 0. 1 moll-I _ The equation of the reaction between ethanol acid and sodium hydroxide is as follows: CHOOSE + Noah Cinchona * H2O When the iterations end point is determined and volumes of reactants are measured the concentration Of the ethanol acid can be calculated. Keywords: Titration, Sodium Hydroxide, Ethanol Acid, Equivalence Point, pH Meter,

Standard Solution Method: Using a bulb pipette CACM of vinegar was measured into a CACM standard flask and using downside water the total volume was made up to CACM. A second bulb pipette was used to measure CACM of the prepared solution into a clean CACM conical flask. A clean burette was set up and rinsed with a small volume of 0. Moll-1 Noah then filled to the start level with Nah of the same concentration. The vinegar was then titrated with the Noah and the pH was recorded every few com of Noah that was used. Prom the results the concentration to the ethanol acid was calculated.

Lab Report Example Biomedical Science

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The equivalency point was 14. Scam Noah used and the pH at the equivalency point was 7. 5, The last recorded pH 12 because when sodium ethanol is dissolved in water it dissociates to become sodium and ethanol ions. Because ethanol acid is a weak acid the ethanol ions react considerably with the hydrogen ions in the water to produce ethanol acid molecules. Sodium hydroxide is a strong base meaning that the sodium ions only react slightly with the hydroxide ions leaving more hydroxide ions in the solution resulting in an alkaline solution.

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