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Gun control should be advocated Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Gun Control

Gun Control On December 14, 2012 twenty-six people were fatally shot and killed, twenty of them were children. Ever since this traumatic day certain portions of the population have been advocating gun control. Honestly I think gun control should be advocated when innocent people are dying due to gun violence. The second amendment states that we have a right to bear arms, but that really doesn’t seem like the case anymore. Maybe if people would stop using them to murder innocent people we would be able to use guns freely without looking suspicious.

There have been many mass-murders efore the Sandy Hook Shooting, let’s not forget the Columbine High School Massacre, when two high school seniors went in and killed eleven students and one adult. I am for gun control, because with all the mass- murders, and deaths due to gun violence, we need to have a little more law toward gun control. For instance when you see someone with what you think is a gun and you shoot them. Like George Zimmerman and Traynv’on Martin. Mr. Zimmerman saw the kid who was Traywon and shot him because he thought that he had a gun and shot him.

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This has happened ith many other people like for another instance, a kid was walking around with a play gun that looked like an assault rifle was shot by police and killed all due to a play gun. I think you should have to be a certain age to own a gun you have to be 18 now, but you should have to be older. Many people who own guns should have to have a permit to own that gun and some kind of certification to own a gun that they have to carry around with them, like a license.

I know it would be a pain, but it would be worth it, many people are gun owners today, with activities like hunting, and going o the shooting range you really don’t find many houses without a gun. Some people can’t be trusted with guns though, so I guess that it a big reason why gun control is a big reason. In some ways, they should Just keep guns to the people who need it for a good reason. There are many pros to gun control, as well as many cons, but I think that the pros take the cake. In my opinion one of the major pros to gun control is in the event of an emergency like a shooting, they can’t really happen without any guns.

Sure you can hurt someone with anything really, but not as easily with a gun. In some cases people hide behind guns because they have the upper hand. People can hurt other people with really anything, but with a gun they can do a lot more damage with a gun. You can kill someone with a knife, or therefore any type of weapon, according toJustfacts. com in 2007 the amount of fatal accidents in the Chicago area using firearms was a very small percentages. Suffocation had a higher percentage over fire arms but still, guns do the most damage in the least time and many people have time to fight back. gun control By tracitaylor

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