Gun Control Is Hotly Debated by Americans

With the increasing amount of shootings that are occurring each year in the U.S, gun control has become a heated debate among society nowadays. Every week tuning in on news channels a new mass shooting has occurred. Innocent people are being targeted, especially children as school shootings have escalated to the point of debating if teachers should be armed. More Americans are on the side of gun control. However, there are Americans that want to keep their right, which is the second amendment.

Guns should be permitted and should not be placed in the hands of any random citizen, gun control needs to be more aggressive and not allow just anybody to pick up a weapon, including AR 15s which will lead to a reduction in gun violence and fewer mass shootings.

The first reason why gun control will change the U.S to the better, is mass shootings will decrease. Decreasing the number of guns in peoples household would greatly decrease mass shootings as fewer people would have access to guns.

Loria, argues that by establishing as evidence shows, weapon buyback programs reduce mass shootings as study shows that this has worked phenomenally in Australia as they have seen only one mass shooting in 22 years since this was established (Kevin Loria, 2018). However, there are people arguing that teachers should carry a gun to protect themselves and students. John R. Lott, has expressed that guns should be on the hands of the teachers. Arming teachers would be over the top and too unrealistic.

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Teachers carrying guns in classrooms or in the hallway show us that we’re living in an uncivilized modern society and that we as a community are taking a step back.

Moreover, It would create chaos, in fact, many problems can arise, including more violence that could occur, for example, teachers going berzerk and causing more mass shootings or students stealing the guns. However, some parents with kids agree with arming teachers because they want their kids to be protected(John R. Lott 2018). Furthermore, many police officers are in favor of teachers carrying guns and some schools already enforce it, but an accidental discharge did happen in a school (John R. Lott 2018) and many more accidents can happen if teachers are armed. Moreover, options like security checks or clear backpacks would be a more realistic solution than arming teachers. Furthermore, it could get expensive to arm teachers and you also need to train them. Other options like increased security would be a better option. Glanton states that we need to change laws to decrease mass shootings and teenagers are marching in cities across the country to change laws to have fewer deaths to their fellow students in schools (Dahleen Glanton, 2018)

The second reason why gun control will change the U.S to the better, is it will reduce suicide rates. Lori states that more than 60% of gun deaths in the US are suicidal. A normal person would say after reading this fact that less guns mean fewer suicides. (Kevin Loria, 2018) However, there are people that argue that fewer guns means black market trades. Baldwin argues that closing down legal market may drive people to sell guns illegally after the prices go up, meaning more profit to those that are willing to risk jail time. (Majorie L. Baldwin, Ph.D., 2018). Loria state that weapon buyback programs in Australia decreasing firearm suicide by 65 percent, which was meanings that as the numbers show gun control will sharply reduce gun suicides (Kevin Loria, 2018). Moreover, this will make suicide harder and increase the chances of surviving because a gunshot to the head is like you signing your death certificate.

The third reason why gun control will change the U.S to the better, is that it will decrease accidental gun deaths. Loria states that when gun purchases increased in 2012, gun accidental gun deaths have increased and especially amongst children of young age (Kevin Loria, 2018). However, some think that It wouldn’t have a big effect on arming teachers with accidental gun deaths. Lott states that there has been 1 accidental discharge of a gun by teachers in the school and no one was hurt (John R. Lott 2018). But why should we put the risk of having someone hurt? Lori furthers her point and states that about 40 adults and 20 children have lost their lives as a result of the gun spike purchases increase (Kevin Loria, 2018).

The fourth reason why gun control will change the U.S to the better, is getting rid of these huge guns that nobody will benefit from and its purpose is to increase the death toll. Loria argues that studies have shown replacing medium and large caliber weapons with small caliber weapons would dramatically reduce gun homicide rates. In fact, bullet size plays a big role in how fatal shootings are, your more than twice as likely to die from medium caliber weapons than from small( Kevin Loria, 2018). On the other hand, Baldwin argues these banned weapons could end up in the black market and there could be an increase in profit and sales which would increase supply and would eventually end up in street corners (Majorie L. Baldwin, Ph.D., 2018). However, Loria stands firmly on banning these guns as researchers have found that replacing these large weapons with smaller ones have decreased homicide rates by 39.5 percent which is a big step in gun control.

In conclusion, the gun debate has two sides people that want more guns to protect themselves from other people with guns and the people who want to control the number of guns or ban them altogether. In the end, both sides want the greater good for society. banning guns would drastically reduce gun massacres, reduce gun suicides and accidental gun deaths. The U.S should ban guns as they’re the ones suffering especially the children. in the end, who do you value more your children or your guns?

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