Essay About Having Good Grades

ENTER Grades Do Not Mean Everything l, myself, used to think that grades are the basis for a successful and better future. I was honestly among the grade conscious students who always strive to excel In class; who get depressed when getting failed marks; and who Invest much time studying. That is because I have always thought that the idea of studying hard and excelling in school is the key for a good career in the future.

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Hence, the fact that the ones with bad grades are often the ones who are most successful seems unfair to me cause it was set in my mind that those with good grades are guaranteed to be more successful than those who have bad grades.

But not for long. Because I realized that getting good grades does mean something but it does NOT mean EVERYTHING. It is not the sole basis for one to have greener pasture and lifetime successful career.

Why is it that most of the students still think that grades will determine what will their future hold?

Why Is It that most people believe getting good grades guarantee success In life? Why Is that a student with bad grades create an unpleasant Image to other people? Simple, It Is all because of our collects established norms In terms of education. Society makes a big deal out of grades. It made students who have bad grades to often get looked down at. It established schools that implant to students the idea of getting good grades in parallel with being a better and more likely to be a successful person.

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Schools made students believe that a better future is ahead of them if they maintain good grades, excel in class, do well in school, and avoid failing arks. Students aspire for profession and great future opportunities, hence, with this idea set in their minds, they are motivated to do study and strive hard at school to get really good grades as much as possible as much as they can. They set high standards on themselves with the belief that the grades they receive are a measure of their success or failure In meeting these standards. But no, they shouldn’t consider aqualung good grades as the sole factor to success.

They should not let grades define themselves. Life experiences and learning from mistakes matters more because life is not all about the knowledge we obtain from school. Life is about how we personally deal with everyday circumstances, how we interact with other people, how we solve problems, and how we handle situations. These are things that are more to life which aren’t taught in school. Therefore I agree to almost everything what Lauren Martin stated in her article titled “Why The Ones Who Have Bad Grades Are Often The Ones Who Are Most Successful. I agree to what Martin pointed out in re article that the ability to learn from failures and life experiences are more important than good grades when it comes to being successful and prosperous In life. Great skills + Learning from failures = Best chance for success. Grades don’t really play that big a part. For us to get along In the reality of this world, we need to gain skills through life experiences and not through aqualung grades which are Just mere records of how great we did at school. I don’t agree though on how biased her point of view is and how she addressed the “tight-ass intellectual students” who

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Essay About Having Good Grades
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