Having these voices in my head

(A) If I were a patient with schizophrenia, the hardest symptom to deal with, I guess is having these voices in my head. Imagine hearing all these that as if I’m everybody’s topic. Its cascade reactions leading from one thing to another makes it even harder to deal. Having these negative thoughts makes me hate other people including myself. It will make me eventually develop inferiority complex and will tend to be rather alone. I would be isolating myself from other people even the people I love.

I would eventually hate myself from these bad thoughts and paranoia. Then this would further lead me into something more foolish like taking my own life. It is a series of negative events, that all of the other symptoms may lead to this anyway. What a life! (B) If either of my parents have such an illness, of course I would be having great difficulty speaking with them. Some of my statements would be hard for them to understand and sometimes, they would think I am against them.

Of course if I were at a younger age, that my maturity about dealing with my parent’s condition is still unclear, I wouldn’t have that patience and initiative to take care of their many needs. This may ignite a small misunderstanding between us, and then to an argument, to a big fight. If this happens like everyday, it would definitely be like hell for both of us. Imagine a life with such scenario.

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God forbid. (C) 1. Seeking for the real cause of schizophrenia is a tedious task for doctors. They need several tests to perform to come up with the definite diagnosis and for the specific medication to give. Treatment of schizophrenia includes taking the applicable medication, getting personal care and support from the concerned relatives of the patient. Medication is not a constant regimen for people with such illness.

The physician decides which regimen is appropriate to the patient. The earlier the treatment, the faster the recovery, better prognosis is then achieved. However, if medication is stopped due to any reason, there would be a great incidence of relapse. Continuous and consistent medication is then recommended (Janssen Pharmaceutica). 2. Many researches have been conducted every now and then to detect the real cause of schizophrenia, but still, these remained as researches that lead them to more complex reasons for the definite root of such illness. Treatment for schizophrenia persists as symptomatic and to be able to come up with a good healing condition, it is definitely done long term and consistency of the regimen is a must. Schizophrenia has been investigated by scientists to be transmitted vertically thus runs in the family. Greater risks have been shown in identical twins even at 2nd generation inter-relationships. Researches however, do not dwell with the genetic contribution of the disease, because other factors like drug abuse is yet to be studied. The brains of normal people also differ from schizophrenic patients as studies have shown, but with just minimal alterations as their gross appearance and structure. With this situation, more and more drugs have been used to cure the condition, but no drug could actually target the specific cause. Most of these have other nervous effects upon treating the different symptoms of schizophrenia making the treatment more extensive and complicated  ((NIMH)). (D) 1. It’s a good thing it is treatable and a manageable illness. The relatives just need some patience to deal with the patients. They need more attention and tender loving care. This may be of great help for their faster recovery. After all, they never wanted this to happen to them. 2. Schizophrenia is such a puzzling disease, the more you investigate and look for remedies, you get more of the complication instead. (E) 1. What actually triggers the psychotic attacks of the patient with schizophrenia? 2. What could be the possible reason for the illness’ rare occurrence to people?

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Having these voices in my head
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