The “white tone” singing style in the vocal part of George Crumb’s Ancient Voices of Children is a style in which the singer:
Sings without vibrato

How many movements make up the Quartet for the End of Time?

The phrases that mention death in Crumb’s Caballito Negro are represented musically by:
A descending music line

How many books of madrigal sets did George Crumb write?

Which instrument in Vocalise from the Quartet for the End of Time is instructed to play like “sweet cascades of blue-orange chords”?

What instruments make up the quartet in this piece?
violin, cello, clarinet, and piano

What instruments accompany the voice in Crumb’s Caballito negro?
Metallic percussion and flute

When did Messiaen write his Quartet for the End of Time?
while in a POW camp

The tempo of the second movement of Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time varies throughout.


Which composer has written several compositions on the poetry of Federico García Lorca?

Whose poetry did George Crumb set in his second book of madrigals?
Federico Garcia Lorca

The recomposition of his own works is central to Pierre Boulez’s creative activity.


Which of George Crumb’s works won a Pulitzer Prize in 1968?
Echoes of Time and the River

George Crumb wrote his song cycle Ancient Voices of Children expressly for:
Jan DeGaetani

George Crumb is representative of avant-garde composition in the United States.

In the opening of Vocalise from the Quartet for the End of Time, the clarinet’s part can be described as:
Disjunct passages with trills

Which is NOT true of Boulez’s Notations IV?
The work makes use electronically enhanced insturments

In composing, Crumb uses techniques and instruments from various world musics.

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Which composer greatly influenced Pierre Boulez?

Influenced by the approach of Anton Webern, Boulez was inspired to:
extend serialsm to include elements beside pitch

The angel’s muted song in Vocalise from the Quartet for the End of Time is represented musically by the:
violin and cello

Notations IV uses a kind of serialism that breaks tone rows into 6-note rows (hexachords).

Technically, avant-garde music is highly demanding.

Boulez originally wrote his 12 Notations for:
solo piano

Which pianist specialized in avant-garde piano performance?
David Tudor

The prevalent rhythm in Crumb’s Caballito negro is meant to:
emulate the sound of a galloping horse

The harmony in Crumb’s Caballito negro is primarily:

Soprano Cathy Berberian is known for:
specializing in acant garde singing

Contemporary music rarely calls for highly virtuosic performance skills.

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