Four Brothers: A Tale of Brotherly Bond

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Four Brothers was released in 2005 worldwide and told an amazing story about four adoptive brothers who are not blood related going through the trauma of losing their adoptive mother in a gruesome murder attack and work together to capture their mothers killer for revenge. Although these brothers are not blood related, they show the real loyalty and love of a real family.

The director and producer of the movie is John Singleton who has directed many successful movie blockbusters including 2 Fast 2 Furious and Hustle & Flow.

The certificate of the movie is 15 with scenes of a sexual nature and strong language.

This action movie keeps you at the edge of your seats impatiently waiting for more to come. The movie also brings tension and makes you feel like you have butterflies swarming in your stomach making your heart race and it’s a good feeling.

The movie brings scenes of humour and gets you to understand the real values of having a family because in the early stages of their life, the brothers were brought together as complete strangers and still love one another from all that time ago when they are reunited at their mothers’ funeral.

But even as they reconnect, their main objective is to find the truth behind their mom’s murder. As they search out the thugs and other lowlifes who might have an idea about what really went down, it begins to dawn on the brothers that there was more to their mother’s murder than meets the eye.

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The actors in the movie are, Mark Wahlberg, (Italian Job, The Departed) who plays Bobby Mercer, the eldest of the four and is the brother who is in control of everything and does most of the killing in the movie to try to find out who killed his mother and is always too overprotective of his younger brother Jack Mercer. Another actor in the movie is, Andre Benjamin from the world famous R&B duo Outcast with his brother, Big Boi. Andre plays Jerry Mercer the 2nd oldest, who is shy businessman but very secretive brother who has hidden information from his brothers in connection to their mother’s killer and also gained her $400,000 (£200,000) life insurance.

But what does he do with the money? Successful music artist Tyrese Gibson plays Angel Mercer and is the 3rd oldest out of the four and he is only interested in satisfying his girlfriend Sofi in the bedroom who is played by Rosarita Sofia Vergara and killing the low-life thugs in connection to their mothers’ murder but is so frustrated by the fact that Bobby is always having arguments with Sofi because she won’t let him go out and solve the mystery murder because she wants to have dinner with him so Angel is always stuck in the middle.

The youngest out of the four who is played by Garrett Hedlund (Friday Night Lights) is Jack Mercer who hates killing and is too quiet to be able to express his feelings to his brothers. Because of this, Bobby assumes Jack is gay and calls him Jackie/Jacqueline.

The movie is set in a poor and ghetto part of Detroit, with not so fortunate people and a lot of killings, pimps, stealing and many more disastrous things happening constantly. Cold and harsh colours are used to portray the city’s underbelly to the crimson blood that flows after the gunfights in the city. Fortunately, the brothers are able to look after themselves but are not able to keep out of trouble. Always up to no good, you will witness the brothers breaking bones, to massacre shootouts that they get away with anyway.

At the start of this promisingly exciting action movie, their mother is shot and killed in a grocery store hold up, which has more to it than it seems with a local gangster kingpin named Victor Sweet (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and a bent police officer, Detective Fowler, (Josh Charles) in connection to the murder but no one knows. Or do they? Fortunately for the brothers, they also have police connection, Detective Green, (Terrence Dashon Howard, Hustle & Flow) who knows their trouble and grew up with them in the neighbourhood so lets them get away with everything through self-defence. But his life is taken when he discovers Detective Fowler’s secret.

The stunts are outstanding from cars flipping over to an amazing shoot out with the four brothers vs. a team of masked men who come in there 30s. Although the brothers win the shoot out, it doesn’t end up all sweeter then sugar, as they will be mourning a brother, but which one?

Fortunately, Four Brothers won No.1 movie Box- Office with $20.7 million.

As the movie released, it became a huge achievement as Terrence Dashon Howard won the Break Through Artist Award and John Singleton won the Best Image Award.

In conclusion, this winning movie has a fantastic and relieving end. The film does an admirable job of stomping on a few cinematic racial stereotypes. The good guys aren’t all white; the bad guys aren’t all black. And while no one should look to “Four Brothers” as a message movie, it is a gritty, absorbing film that’s – for the most part – worth seeing.

The movies is out on DVD and on Sky Movies on occasion so if you want to watch it, go to your local Blockbuster store or library and rent the DVD or buy it in your local HMV store or buy online on the internet.

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