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“The name’s Bond James Bond” In 1952 writer Ian Fleming created one of the best fictional heroes of all time, James bond. James bond films have become a major hit throughout the years. The first James bond Movie was made in 1962. Since then over 21 James bond films have been made. There has been 6 actors, all were successful in playing the James bond roll; Sean cannery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig (current James bond).

There are many different reasons why the audience go for James bond films. It is appealing to women because of the good-looking, sophisticated and intelligent men.

They are mainly drawn to James bond as he has all of these features and he is British. Women might also want to watch the films to keep a look out for fashionable clothes which are represented in the female actors.

Males on the other hand are attracted by many more ideas. The films are constantly full of high energy and excitement which the props help to build up such as the unusual gadgets, guns, explosions and extreme stunts.

Some men might watch James Bond films because of envy built by the main character Bond himself. The fact that he owns flashy cars such as the Aston Martin and other exhilarating vehicles could cause some male or even female audiences become quite jealous in addition James bond seems to always be surrounded by beautiful women.

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James bond films have gorgeous women, most in which are presented either half naked or through their sexual actions which is another reason why men are enticed to Bond films.

James Bond Comparison

It seems that every James bond film follows the same formula. The typical James Bond storyline would be when a problem occurs, bond is usually ordered to solve it. Bond hunts down the villain, on the way of his mission he either ‘bumps’ into beautiful women or women that are related to the problem. He gets involved with the women sexually, sometimes in order get information from them. Some of the ladies end up dead and luckily for one, bond falls in love with them and so she lives. In the end James bond finds out the villains evil intensions and discovers a way to halt his/her tactics. The villain dies; Bond once again saves the world from destruction.

There are many different settings for James bond movies. Some of the typical settings would be usually placed in exotic fancy locations such as the Bahamas or Spain, this is normally where he chases the villains and ‘ladies’. The conventional characters that are used in James bond films are usually very attractive and influential to the audience. There is always a classically stereotypical female villain who thinks she can seduce James Bond, she is the very sexually promiscuous woman in which bond can easily get information from by using sexual advances. Sometimes they are influenced by James bond to turn from bad to good but they end up dead either way.

However the good girls are the ones that Bond truly falls in love with, she is not as sexual as the female villains but is a very beautiful lady and Bond protects her till the very end. The villains are usually the ones that want to take over the world or blown up a city/place. James Bond is a stereotypical heroic character. He is a ladies man/a man on a mission. Bond completes his given task and later praised by bonds high class boss. There is a regular theme tune that is often played when James Bond makes his entrance in different places or when he is ready for action. James bond posters help the audience to uncover the possible story before watching the film. This essay will be closely analysing, comparing and contrasting two well known James bond posters. Firstly I will be analysing the James bond “Thunderball” poster.

The mis-en-scene of this poster is initially the images of James bond. We can see James Bond in a variety of different activities which connotes the film is full of action furthermore gives us the impression James bond is a strong, fit and healthy man. James bond is shown in a significant way to suggest he is the main character. In the first shot he is wearing a black suit which shows he could be high class. Bond is holding a gun and carrying a jetpack suggesting that the film will be violent. His face expression seems to looking in another direction in a quite serious look. This implies he is suspicious or ready for action. The fire also suggests a bit of violence.

The brown background is quite dull however is an effective way to make James bond appear more conspicuous hence capture the audience’s attention. The guns, jet suits and fire are appealing to a male audience. In the next shot we see the same man in the first shot; he is wearing a orange swim suit. This connotes he is a very sporty masculine man. Bond seems to be holding back another diver out of the way, we cannot see the diver’s face, but we can see him possibly aiming to get the metal object off Bond’s hand, maybe this object is the key device that will ‘blow up the world’ thus he could be the villain.

Perhaps Bond is trying to get the device away from the villain giving the audience the impression he is the heroic character. We see a different background as opposed to the first shot. It is shot in a different place which implies the film will also be set in many countries/places. We can see water and speedboats in addition other drivers seem to be falling into the water, this whole background scene connote that it is an action packed film.

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