What is the name of the retailer? Dorothy Perkins What type of retailer are they? Store retailer What is the nationality of the retailer? British Is the retailer part of a larger parent company? Yes. (Arcadia plc) Who are the key personalities in the company? Philip Green What countries does the retailer currently trade in? The store has 52 international outlets in countries including Spain, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Turkey and Singapore. Online website orders can be shipped to over 100 countries. How is the retailer currently trading? (Sales and Profit as up to date as possible) What brands does the retailer stock? Clothing ?Uttam London Rise Elite ?Cutie ?Closet ?Flame ?Sequins & Pearls ?Purple ?B-Soul ?Brat & Suzie Clothing ?Vero Moda ?Lila ?Culture ?Silver Stitch ?Dare2b ?Mamalicious Shoes ?Luxe ?Leighton ?Sacha London ?Black Gardenia ?Timeless ?Belle & Mimi Accessories ?Fiorelli ?Mischa Barton ?Ribbon & Asher ?Candy Box beads ?Salon Confidential ?Wonderbra Shock Absorber How many stores does the retailer have? Dorothy Perkins has nearly 600 UK stores and 52 international outlets.

Does the retailer trade in other ways than just “bricks & mortar” stores? The store also has a website where items can be delivered to customers houses.

It also has a catalogue.

What product categories does the retailer sell? The retailer stocks only womenswear, with clothing, accessories, shoes, lingerie and swimwear. The retailer stocks ranges for petite, tall and maternity. Who is the retailers target costumer? Age range 25 – 40 years. The average Dorothy Perkins customer is in her early 30’s and likely to be a busy mum or working mum.

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Loves fashion and takes a close interest in the new trends but often doesn’t feel able to carry off some of the latest looks. Not always confident about her body and doesn’t always now what suits her so Dorothy Perkins gives her fashion inspiration and advice.

Dorothy Perkins Target Market

Quality fit and price are all important to her. What level of fashion does the retailer offer? Main stream fashion What level of pricing does the retailer offer? Mid Market Who does the retailer consider to be its competitors? Next How does the retailer display their product, by product type or by sub brand then product or by theme/ statement? Clothing is mainly categorised by product type. The garments are arranged by a colour theme, there are also sub brand collections. Where does the retailer source from? Mauritious, China, Romania, India, Morocco and Turkey

What else can you say about the retailer? ?D. P has nearly 600 UK stores and over 50 international outlets. ?The retailer has a good ethical reputation, works with breast cancer charity, and was also involved with woodland trust and developed an exclusive range to raise money to plant more trees. ?D. P is part of the arcadia group ?The autumn/winter collection from London fashion week September 17th 2010 had a lot of fur, maxi dresses and feminine collections, What does the retailer do well in? ?Dorothy Perkins’ updates their ranges weekly in store and daily online. ?The brand offers sizes 6 to 22, Offers a wide range of collections including Tall, Petite, Maternity, Lingerie, Shoes and ? Accessories ?Dorothy Perkins has a partnership with Breast Cancer Care to help raise money for people affected by breast cancer. The brand has raised over ? 2million since 2004 through various fundraising and retail activity. ?Dorothy Perkins also stocks other brands, giving more variety, such as Uttam, Tfnc, Vila, ? Vero Moda, Suzy Smith and Fiorelli. ?Dorothy Perkins has introduced vouchers, on websites such as my voucher codes, to give customers discount, to encourage more spending. ?Easy to use, structured website.

What does the retailer do less well? ?Exclusive range, doesn’t have a very exclusive feel, and is expensive. ?Doesn’t have easy access to its profit and loss accounts ? Doesn’t have a big noticeable advertising campaign, to make high street shoppers aware. ?On the website most of the products are not modelled on women, it’s just a photograph so it’s hard to see what the product will look like on. ?Not all stores promote fashionable, trend following products, such as kingstore store has basic clothes with bad layout. Whereas the store on bond street has eye catching trend following items at the entrance.

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