Rachels Perkins explores how identity is shaped with her language

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Rachels Perkins explores how identity is shaped with her language in her film and songs. This challenge how non Aboriginals identity is changed when a crisis arises. Perkins creates empathy for the Aboriginals with the language in the songs and with the tone. Also social class issue emerge showing how us non-indigenous don’t consider the racism that was happening in the era of the movie. We see the different character’s perspective as they affirm the tense and intense situations.

Rachel Perkins discovers the Disruption of prevailing assumptions from the Aboriginal people and the contrast between the settler and Indigenous through her purposeful use of language. Rachel uses musical duets and Film techniques to reflect and to educate the reader of the hardship that the Indigenous people endured and how their cultural identity is disrupted through their experiences with the colonial people.

Rachel Perkins is determined to challenge the viewers preconceived views on the racist ideology towards the indigenous people of Australia, through with her powerful use of language to evoke empathy for marginalised identities within our society to challenge prevailing assumptions, showing how it excludes the cultural groups during times of colonialism.

Demonstrating through the subverted duet “This land is, me” the song’s lyrics “This land is mine “ Represented from Jim ownership colonialist values but Albert juxtaposes this perspective and belief through a strong kinship with the land which informs aspects of his spiritual beliefs and identity to the land when singing “This land is me” conveying how connectedness to the land.

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This purposefully conveys the historical clash of conflicting cultural ideologies which founded upon differences and discrimination. Perkins is revealing a denial of acceptance that has a devastating affect on Australian culture. Rachel Perkins uses a duet but subverts it to convey the polar ideologies as opposed to the harmony, atypical of a duet. Through repetition “ they won’t take it away from me’ it confuse the audience as they are both saying the same words but having different discordant meanings. Perkin’s use of harmony in the musical sequence “this land is me” asserts that a denial of indigenous knowledge and acceptance has nothing but negative effects on Australian culture. The father’s attitudes to land ownership are juxtaposed to Albert’s attitudes. The first verse, describes a white Australian’s experience tirelessly working a piece of mortgaged land to make a living so he can come to call it his own. The second, voices his races immutable spiritual and physical connection to the very same place over thousands of years. “They won’t take it away, They won’t take it away, They won’t take it away from me’ this both contradicts each other as both characters are saying these line but both arguing each other. A wide angle shot, shows how Albert has a physical connection with the land. Jim and Albert both disrupting each others beliefs as albert feels like he has a spiritual connection to the land and deserves to be there where jim feels like he should be there because he has purchased the land. This is how Perkins affirms the viewers preconceived ideas of the aboriginal people of Australia, with the use of her language and showing how they were excluded.

Perkins disputes the viewers prevailing assumptions about individuals and cultural groups by using her strong use of film techniques and language in song to exhibit Racial prejudice when the settlers of Australia came and took over the indigenous Aboriginals of their land. In The ’Another day / night’ shows the changing point where albert’s despair and frustration from the alienation from the white settlers. With Perkins films techniques such as out of focus on Albert when he is going to hand his uniform into the police station showing despair from Albert he is feeling this despair because of the loss of hope of his job as his job is being to help but he isn’t even allowed to help because of his race. The viewers Frustrations and Disassociation from the white society due to its ability to accept his cultural knowledge, Rachel Perkins use of song to ‘You can walk away with dignity/ with ancient knowledge and the wisdom and the spirit of the land’ shows dignity from albert and giving viewers a gentle and compassionate nature towards albert. The Mise en scene in Alerts house there is fire burning which represents alberts growing pain and him gaining courage to stand up for his rights which viewers can feel empathy towards albert but also feel proud for him. Rachel Perkins confronts the viewers prevailing assumptions about the individuals and cultural groups with the use of her strong use of language in song and film techniques.

In One night to the moon Rachel Perkins encourages us to reconsider how individual and cultural groups identity can be shaped and altered by crisis when she uses the language in film and song to reflect these ideas. In The ‘dinner scene’ it shows the tense moment of the Jim and Rose both contrasting different body languages in the silence without emily. Perkins use of symbolism of Rose role as the mother of emily she is silenced from the grief of not having found emily. This helps the viewer understand that Rose is speechless with the grief of emily going missing. Rachel Perkins also used film techniques to furthermore understand the different emotions with a High angle shot with Jim looking down on rose at the dinner table, This gives the viewers a feeling of the characters giving up and becoming distant from each other as they are stressing over the loss of emily. The use of symbolism again with the lifting of the table and the slamming of the table reveals the Instability of family unit which gives the viewers the feeling of empathy as they can see the family instability, Jim also shows high modality language when he says “I know what you are looking for” Jim Being frustrated with not finding emily yet and feeling guilty and angry.This is how Perkins affirms the viewers to encourages us to reconsider our ideas of the group identity of Australia’s Aboriginals, with the use of her language to show how they were alienated from the white settlers.

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Rachels Perkins explores how identity is shaped with her language
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