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Eleanor Hibbert one time wrote “ if it’s good. it’s wonderful. If it’s bad. it’s experience. ” We must bear in head that all our experiences in life. our achievements and errors. every individual individual we have encountered. and every decoration and cicatrix we have are the grounds why we are who we are today. Every experience. no affair how fiddling or huge. is important. For what I am now. I owe to these experiences.

Main Factors That Formed My Personality

Equally early as the fifth class.

I have already developed my passion for service. I wanted to fall in our school’s student authorities really much. that’s why I started running as a category representative. a P. I. O. . a secretary. and in conclusion as a vice-president. I obtained these places non because I was popular but because of my willingness to function. I am privileged to hold served the school organic structure for about six old ages.

This has taught me to make my responsibilities and undertakings good. to care for the public assistance of others. and it taught me to be able to take towards the greater good. Having been entrusted with duties was one of the experiences that helped to specify me as a individual.

Through the old ages. I discovered and enhanced my endowments. I had the passion towards art. where they say I inherited from my male parent. who is really artistic. Doodling on every empty topographic point on whatever paper I could acquire on my custodies.

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Sketching and Painting was my favourite. I cherished every minute of our art category. because it’s good to hold a clip for creativeness. I discovered that I could play the piano. I was able to show myself in the music that I make and it was the mercantile establishment of my feelings.

When I entered high school. I expected everything to be fun and unworried. but I was incorrectly. This was the clip for me to work even harder in order to accomplish what I want. because everyone else is seeking their best. It truly is difficult to be an winner when you are surrounded with many other winners. I struggled with heavy work burden. but through this. I developed the attitude to maintain on seeking and making my best. High school for me was besides a phase of self-discovery. It awoke me to stand out academically. mature emotionally. and detect my individuality as portion of my household.

But religion and holding a healthy relationship with God was the strongest factor in specifying myself. Trusting Him makes me confident with the jobs I may confront. And I will ne’er acquire tired of idolizing Him. I have had the ups and downs in my life. and God was at that place to steer me and protect me. His program has given me the best position.

Life has non truly been all that bad since it has besides blessed me with minutes of pure joy and felicity. Life taught me to keep on and to believe in something even though the odds are against me. Everyday had been the clip of my life.

This essay made me look back to those 14 old ages. I admit that I had a difficult clip specifying myself as a individual but I have one time once more set all my attempt and did my best. Through this essay. I realized my intent in this life. I now know my topographic point in this world— to make my best in whatever function I play — as a friend. as a pupil. as a girl and in all things. as a Christian. I was true and blunt and I hope I made myself known. This is who I am. This is Stephanie Joy Cea. an aspirant Atenista.

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Factors That Shaped My Personality Personal
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