The Factors That Affects Personality Development

Someone’s personality and character can be influenced by many things. Some of the influences can come from your parents or your surroundings. Many of your expressions you inherit from your parents, Most of the time your child is a mirror of you That means that whatever you do they will also do. Most of the time kids carry the same personality and character as their parents This is because when you’re growing up you don’t know any better.

Someone can tell you that it’s wrong but if they are also doing it then what is the use? In everyday life you have to show your own personality as much as possible. The reason for that is because you never know when you will meet a new person Almost all people have many personalities. Depending on the type of day they are having and who they around depend on how they act When you are around a mad or sad person then you will more than likely become mad or sad also.

This is because it’s hard not to. Have you ever been around someone that was crying and you wanted to help them but you ended up crying also? It’s just how the feeling system works. You may not even know the person or why they are crying but before it’s over with you will, most of the Lime, end up crying Many people shape their personality around their surroundings. When you are younger it’s easier to have the same personality as your parents because they are all that you have.

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But as you get older you‘re around other people and you start to develop their personality. Another thing that can affect people’s personality is the music they listen to and the shows they watch on television. This day and age it’s not really about who you are it’s about who you’re trying to be like. So this sometimes affects people’s personality, Many factors shape your personality from your parents to your friends to entertainment It depends on who you are and how much you let heritage and society affect you. Some allow it to affect them more than others.

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