“Double Bond” of Walter Burk

The bottom line about this entertaining and clever, if somewhat overloaded debut, Walter Burk – or Roger Marty – the same wording itself: “the book is different at good – a circle of reading is fascinated by the complexity of the history and the confusion, the other is struggling to engage with the elusive separation of literary fiction and reality of parallel world.

In Appenzell now it’s possible holiday neat. Everything is tidy, clean, clear. If you, for example, are migrating upstream in the Alpstein mountains to the mountain inn “Plattenbödeli”, served on the terrace (1284m above sea level and a few kilometers in a straight line across the border to Liechtenstein) a splendid panorama over the Sämtisersee of the surrounding peaks, while you are in a freshly prepared Senn hash browns strengthen (mixed sweet and sour must) and “Ghürotne”.

Walter Burk, Swiss author, philosophy, nature and hiking friend who knows the region as his pocket, his first “Alpstein crime” has located , is a central figure in Roger Marty (English, do not speak French), also a writer and traveling for research purposes for a new novel in the Alpstein Mountains.

Roger Burks fictional alter ego .

The hostess of the “Plattenbödeli” is (in crime) Franziska ( “Franzi”) Fässler, and she has a lot to do in the season. She is very application of a young German as a “waitress” handy. Viola Szymanska, 25, comes from Bottrop and wants to schools and universities casual work one summer in Switzerland.

Viola seeks not only a living and experience.

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In the all-around pleasant mountain climate of “Plattenbödeli” she wants to get their health problems under control and gain clarity about the relationship with her boyfriend. Jan Bauer, 28, Financial Advisor at Essen private bank, every few weekends will take the long journey upon themselves to Viola to visit.

Soon, the young woman with the peculiarities of Appenzell-Innerrhoden dialect as familiar as with the secrets of the menu and those of their regulars. Some of the latter have urgent interest reveals to learn the attractive, ambitious and new ideas open-minded German closer know.

To “Franzi” one Sunday morning descends into the natural cellar under the old building, where the mountain cheese stored. A “piercing scream” exclaims her when she sees lying lifeless on the ground Viola, “rotates unnaturally to the side,” her head. A few minutes later she has her brother on the phone, and Bruno Fässler, the experienced head of department at the Criminal Investigation Appenzell, takes over the investigation. His side are forensics, forensic and prosecutor.

This weekend the mountain inn is home to an unusual number of overnight guests. All must be examined one by one until the investigators and the reader is unfolded a wide range of potential subjects and courses of action and wants to be taken each under the microscope. Between murder out of jealousy and economic crime is all open – and no knowledge is secure/So much for the bare Crime skeleton of murder in the mountain idyll, unspectacular and without bloody sensationalism/

The special attraction of this.. unusual novel is its ambiguity. Roger Marty Walter Burk installed his reflection in the fictional world – one involved in the Krimiplot character who also writes a novel, but made use of their (fictional) reality, but they also transformed. With this clever narrative configuration Burk designed an ironic game of deception about reality and fiction, the Live accomplished fictionalization of reality that does not preclude the realization of a fiction in bold reverse. “Fiction and reality are so often not as far apart as you might think” can, Roger Marty entirely innocent, but fall “with a smug smile,” as Bruno Fässler hear him.

The philosophical basis of his novel supports the author with an abundance of quotations. They reach their highest density in a long discourse that Roger Marty converted, shortly before the end with Viola’s colleague Monika. With wisdom of a dozen thinkers garnished, it’s about human freedom, relationship psychology, novels and narrative theory. Roger, the narrator comments at the end, “enjoys the kind of conversations in which he can bring his whole life experience and also some striking quote.” As its title “double bond” illustrates the ironic passage the multidimensionality of the novel: This is not only a crime but also a novel about a novel, an author writes about an author, and many a protagonist may live really/

In addition, Walter Burk obviously a perfectionist and obsessive data collector. There is no circumstance to which the reader gets delivered not casually a sack full of interesting and accurate facts formulated: hiking trails and journeys; the history of the “Ruhr Poles” (Polish miners who came to the Ruhr area in the 19th century as ‘guest workers’); the benefits that a “strategic asset allocation” promises the advanced investors; an overview of all homicides in the Alpstein Mountains since 1524; in blue when Leichentranchieren looking analysis methods of forensic medicine … Could Burk in forensics to plastikbeschürzten gods over your shoulder? From whatever source started his boundless knowledge of facts has sucked, we learn from him, among other things, that broken neck C5 / C6 not necessarily result in death must have.

Only the “fracture of  dens ” while simultaneously “tear of ligaments of the dens, which normally stabilize this rotation (of the head) and restrict the extended spinal cord was pinched or severed … This led to the destruction of the nerve centers for the respiration and blood circulation – and [this] was the immediate death ” so revealing all this is, it slows down but the drive of mystery stories.. As the painter Andrea del Sarto speaks (in Robert Browning poem of the same from 1855): “less is more, Lucrezia.”

The helical structure also makes for a merry pace. After more than a hundred pages, we have recorded the murder case essentially follow henceforth the interrogations of the guests and staff on the “Plattenbödeli”. Their statements – largely captured in dialogue form – Repeat naturally many circumstances before a a remembered or observed detail adds a new perspective “double bond” is marketed as a kind of home crime/

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“Double Bond” of Walter Burk
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