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Forbiddenfruit.de Erfahrungen Paper

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Essay on “Forbidden Fruit”

I have such a category of “book manga.” You read it and like nothing special and no, and style simple and predictable plot, but it is still impossible to break away. That’s “Forbidden Fruit” Lauren Hamilton just out of this category.

The scene grim at first sight, a world where roam zombie, vampirism is officially recognized and legalized, and the people, freely turning into a rat, it is quite normal . If you think about it, I can not imagine how you can live a normal life in a nightmare? But the main character, Anita Blake, a girl with high moral principles, if not strange, it was not possible to go crazy in this crazy world. Though I must admit that the work she is not quite normal, perhaps even quite unusual. She picks up the graves of the dead and sends the vampire world. And its expert on evil, intercessor of the forces of evil, “light” and “laid back” blackmail hired to investigate the mysterious murders of the most loathsome, in her opinion, the creation of – vampires. And start a dynamic investigation of the bloody fights, romantic, sex scenes, and more new murders, during which Anita had time to visit, and the cemetery, and the circus, and in a strip club, and BDSM party, and in the church. At the same time it tried to hypnotize, to tear, to rape and shoot, but she bravely endured all the trials. The book is so full of events that just can not believe it’s been only a few days.

Forbidden Fruit Strip Club

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The book bribed my way of the protagonist. A sort of Lara Croft, killing vampires. Strong and confident girl who even sleeps with a gun under his pillow. At the same time, Anita, like any normal person has their weakness and may also be afraid of, but life obliges her to endure difficulties. She jokes to keep from crying. On it wants to be like, to be strong and independent, with all the external fragility.

Of course, the plot of the book falls short of the ideal. Guess who the real killer may be much earlier than the main character. The book does not encourage to any thoughts, it only helps to pass the time pleasantly. It is designed for a narrow audience, children under 16 is contraindicated for adults offering experienced will be boring and meaningless. This book version of the modern action movie, and wonder how it has not yet been filmed.

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