Dragon Fruit Side Effects

Dragon fruit farm and manufacturing of dragon fruit wine Dragon fruit is also known as UAPITA, is a superegos as it is whole plant foods that has numerous health benefits, and include a whole array of photosynthesis, including vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. The local demand of this superfluity is getting higher, which is 45%, ranked as the third place, based on the Fruits Survey Findings 2013.

Dragon fruit has been used as an ingredient for flavorings, cocktails, as well as wine. The idea is to start a dragon fruit farm in Malaysia and manufacture various ranges of products from the dragon fruit, major selling point is dragon fruit wine.

We open the door to the public for visit our farm and the manufacturing process. As of today, there is only one dragon fruit wine manufacturer based in Gluing, Juror. We plan to be the largest manufacturer and exporter of the dragon rut wine in Malaysia.

We focus on the growth and development of the entire farm to ensure the premium quality of our dragon fruit wine. This business starts with planting, fertilizing, care and maintenance as well as pest control. The dragon fruit takes 3 to 4 months to harvest. The dragon fruit will be used to produce wine and thus sell at the souvenirs shop in the farm. We also sell the wine to retail stores to reach larger share of market. Furthermore, we export the wine to neighboring entries such as Singapore.

Dragon Fruit Wine

Increasing consumer awareness of nutrition value has created the demand for functional and healthy drinks.

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As the wine Improves blood circulation, when it combines with dragon fruit which has been proven of various health benefits, consumer can enhance their health while enjoying the wine. Furthermore, the dragon fruit has no documented side effects. It Is safe for consumption even by pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

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Dragon Fruit Side Effects
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