In spite of Kratom’s relatively few side effects some people

In spite of Kratom’s relatively few side effects, some people have experienced quite a hangover from its excessive use. This is mostly a result of Kratom’s more sedating strains which have higher potency levels. However, compared to the many benefits of its use, the side effects are considered mild and can go unfelt. A Kratom hangover avoiding tip is following the set guidelines for new consumers and maintaining regular dosages for regular consumers.


Nausea perseverance is dependent on the amount of kratom consumed.

This feeling is short-lived and is accompanied by a headache. The severity of the effect is dependent on the tolerance of the consumer along with sensitivity to kratom. The difference in reaction of each individual makes the side effects vary and much attention should be given to the body reactions after kratom is consumed.


Kratom being a dry plant material requiring a lot of body fluids and water for its digestion. Headaches occur due to dehydration as a result of metabolic processes when water intake levels are minimal.

Taking large amounts of water is recommended as soon as one starts to regularly use the kratom plant. This headache generally has a feeling of mild pressure which is however different from an alcohol hangover which often has a pounding effect. Headaches are relieved using over the counter painkillers while some cases may lead to more kratom use.


General lack of energy is experienced the morning after one has taken an excessive amount of kratom.

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Lethargy does not have a lasting impact and ranges between a few hours and can be easily remedied by taking a cup of coffee or the Maeng Da strain. Bali strain of kratom has been mostly associated with these properties mostly due to its sedating properties but is usually in mild cases.

Sleep disturbance

In most cases, this happens when sleep is suppressed regularly. The effect is usually close to that of compounds such as alcohol and caffeine. Sleep disturbance is linked to the body needing more sleep at some point while lacking sleep on several occasions. This effect usually has symptoms that match those of an alcohol hangover but with a much lesser impact. Excessive use impacts how the body functions normally on different levels, therefore, affecting the daily routine. It is for this reason that various precautionary measures must be taken during Kratom intake.

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In spite of Kratom’s relatively few side effects some people
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