The “Chasing the Dragon” Documentary Is a Drug Awareness Campaign

The “Chasing The Dragon” documentary is a drug awareness campaign released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and is aimed at addressing the difficult life of the opiate drug and heroin abusers. It also covers the effects that the drugs have in their lives as well as the drug treatment programs for the drug addicts. Through the accounts of the different drug users in the video, it is clear that opiate addiction mostly starts with the misuse of prescribed oxycodone, a pain killer.

In other cases, the addiction is due to marijuana abuse as the drug addicts look for a stronger drug. The drugs are mostly offered by relatives and friends to make them feel better. The opiate drug is one of the most addictive drugs because it makes drug abusers feel sick when they have not used it. The effects of the drug including theft, prostitution, rape, death and so on as discussed in the video using the experiences of the former opiate drug users.

The medical specialist covered, such as Dr. Deeni Bassam, break down the addiction cycle of the drug addicts and provide useful information on how to reduce drug addiction cases in the US.

This film goes a long way in demonstrating real-life struggles of selected opiate drug addicts. From this, the non-abusers are educated on the need of staying away from this addictive drug and an intervention technique for those already hooked to the drug. A person needs only one prescribed painkiller to turn to addiction of the drug which calls for seriousness in public awareness about the drug (FBI 00: 16: 23 – 00: 16: 36).

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The video is promoted because it reduces the high number of opiate drug abusers coming up each day and the arrests and deaths related to drug abuse. It encourages drug abusers to seek help in drug treatment programs and social groups with the help of the family members and friends in the relapse process. The former drug users are interviewed so that the audience gets a clear picture of what they are getting into when abusing the opiate drug and heroin. Most of them would not want to abuse the drug if they knew about the serious consequences lying ahead, which leads to social change among the general public concerning drug abuse.

The topic “Chasing The Dragon” is used in this film to mean that the process of stopping the use of the opiate drug is next to impossible because it is highly addictive as compared to oxycodone, cocaine and marijuana. The FBI produced a well-structured and comprehensive production on opiate drug addiction and everything that encompasses it. “Chasing The Dragon” is content objective as it successfully educates the audience on the relevant information required to avoid the initial drug abuse and help the drug addicts recover. For instance, Matt encountered years of drug abuse as he could not seek help from his family members. When he died out of an overdose and his heart was restored, it shows there is hope for drug addicts to stop abusing drugs because of the negative consequences involved (FBI 00: 41: 48 – 00: 42: 22). The regret expressed by all the former drug addicts interviewed works positively in reducing the cases of drug abuse among the audience. The audience also relates emotionally to Trish’s story as she narrates the death of her daughter, Cierra, due to overdose of the drug as it is a common occurrence in the US (FBI 00: 36: 23 – 00: 37: 22). The medical advice from the medical practitioners is also tailored towards the common goal of reducing the number of drug addicts in the country.

According to the video, a survey conducted in 2014 found out that 1.4 million people in the US abused a painkiller for the first time that year (FBI 00: 05: 03 – 00: 05: 15). Opiate drug abuse is a menace that is affecting thousands of lives in the country. This information is applicable and useful when communicated to my friends who are hooked to the drug without the knowledge of how to stop their addiction. It will come in handy especially when attending parties where this drug is most abused. The emotional stories of the addiction life of the victims can greatly change the lives of my addicted friends. For instance, their arrest, medical complications, withdrawal symptoms and death due to continued drug abuse can instill fear and compel my friends to stop the opiate drug addiction. I can actively share the video with them and take them through the difficult lives experienced by the victims as they battled their addiction. In this way, my addicted friends can relate to their experiences and turn over a new leaf. The recovery process of joining a drug treatment facility is highly recommended for this type of addicts and this information can play a massive role in it.

The events, interviews and facts in the video regarding the opiate drug mean that it can affect anyone in the society. The accounts of the victims indicate that they started their addiction after taking prescribed medicine. This means that everyone should ensure that they purchase the required quantities of opiate drugs from authorized outlets and only in case of a doctor’s prescription. Engaging in meaningful activities, such as hobbies, also helps in reducing idleness that may lead to drug abuse. People should also refrain from getting influenced to abusing the drugs for the first time. The drug might look exciting to use in the short term but the long-run effects are tragic. There is also a growing need of educating the public using videos like this that lead to social change. Drug abuse reduction cases will only be realized in the US if we all make it a collective goal to resist the temptation of first use and rehabilitating those already addicted.

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The “Chasing the Dragon” Documentary Is a Drug Awareness Campaign
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