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She’s cold and confused, she is left in shock, right on the sides of the road were she is then able to get herself together and pick herself up still being soar but in one piece. Ml has now been able to get up but she is still soar. She wanders around the road astonished to find both of her parents lying on the side of the road dead. Ml then hears a loud siren like it was going off right next to her ear but that’s because It was she saw an ambulance arrive, and she saw her parents getting rushed to the hospital and her brother getting lifted into an ambulance.

She then turns around and sees resell getting lifted on the ambulance with all the energy she got left she sprinted right Into the ambulance her body was going In. They were rushing Ml to the hospital. The book Forbidden City takes place In the spring of 1989.

For the most part this book takes place In Belling, China. Alexander Jackson Is the mall character of the novel, and he Is also the narrator of the book. Alexander Is showing us his biggest occurrence of his life In the book. Alexander Is 17 years old and he Is really Into military history, and he likes to travel with his Journalist father. E day Alexander was coming home from school and he heard his dad talking on the phone with his boss. Alexander knew that his dad had either been told he was traveling or getting a raise.

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Alexander knew he was going to take a while so he had gone downstairs to work on his sculptures of soldiers. After he had finished with the soldiers he had gone upstairs. His father than immediately said his boss had told him he would be going on a business trip sort of thing to Beijing, China. But he said it wasn’t really much off trip, he kind of had to live there for awhile.

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