Reaction Paper Of Footnote To Youth

“The young person is the hope of fatherland. ”

Essay Example on Reflection Of Footnote To Youth

It has ever been said that we. the young person. is the hope of our state. This has been the outlook of about everybody in the society. I. myself had this outlook strongly rooted in my head before I had read the narrative. “Footnote to Youth. ” Yes. the young person could perchance be the hope of our state or even of the universe. As many have said.

we are originative. dynamic. good minds. fantastic actors and a batch more. All these positive things besides have matching negative ideas from those who don’t believe in our capacity. They say we are lazy. dependant. coward. apathetic and a batch more.

I think it is neither laziness nor dependance that drives us youth into person useless in the society. We ne’er wanted to go merely a piece of dirt of class. We ever have wanted to make something extraordinary non merely for ourselves’ interest.

We have ever wanted to be something the older and younger coevals would be proud of. For me. the quandary is non within us. It is on how our parents and the people around us treat us and affects us. I admit our heads are non every bit weak as the heads of the small kids.

We can non be easy manipulated. But we’re non besides every bit fixed-minded as the older people. We need guidance. How can we be the hope of the state if our parents themselves don’t lead us to the right way? How can we be the hope if our parents themselves don’t believe that there is existent hope from within us? How can we be the hope if our parents themselves can non rectify the errors we do? Just like Dodong and Blas.

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we are preoccupied of the thought that we can make everything we want to ; that we are ready to make the things that the older people can ; that what we think is ever right.

Yes we can make everything if we truly insist to but without the counsel of our parents or the older people who know better. we will ne’er cognize if we are doing the right stairss toward the right route. They hold the key that runs the engine of hope within the young person. I still believe that we. the young person. is the hope of the fatherland but this will merely come to reality if the older coevals. particularly our parents cognize how to convey out the best in us.

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Reaction Paper Of Footnote To Youth
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