A Beautiful Mind Reaction Paper

John Nash was a mathematical mastermind, stricken with the devastating mental illness of schizophrenia. Throughout the movie?was representation, you slowly witness how It began to take over his life. While teaching his class during one of his lectures, Nash was taken away biblically and sent to a mental facility since his actions regarded him as crazy.

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John Nash was required to take medicine to stabilize his symptoms but refused to do o because It would impede on a supposed secret Nilsson ordered by a hallucination named Parched.

His refusal to take his medication caused extreme negative side effects making his illness worse. Nash?was wife, Local, had hopes stand In the way of the actual picture of no overcoming his schizophrenia. One example of this reaction was when John was in charge of watching their child alone while Local did some laundry collection outside.

While giving their son a bath, John?was obsession tit his secret mission flooded his mind and fogged his current responsibility.

Alicia sees John in his shed that is covered in newspapers that he was required to decode. She then realizes that he had left their child in the bath and runs in to find their son almost drowning. In her attempt to protect her child and herself from any further danger, she tries to call DRP. Rosen but only gets abused by John.

This scene is very powerful cause it portrays how deep schizophrenia is and how it gets in he way of his I find this scene particularly moving, because it shows the full extent of how John?was schizophrenia interferes with his capability to live normally day by day.

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The realization John must have experienced of being a genius but not having the capability of controlling his actions must be saddening and depressing. Reality is inexistent due to the powerful control of his hallucinations. This led to not being able to safely be a father to his child and husband to his wife.

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A Beautiful Mind Reaction Paper
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