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Film Critique: Chicago Paper

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With all the chaos of the 1920s spiraling around this film, Chicago brings a special point of view of the women in this time period. From dancing to murdering, this film has put together some of the darkest themes that are balanced out with cheerful and energetic music (with the exception of Mister Cellophane sung by John C. Reilly). Chicago has done an excellent job at putting together acting and an interesting storyline to present a clear image of struggle of women wanting to catch the spotlight. Overall, I would give this film a 3.5 out of 4 because it is more interesting and creative than ordinary musicals in the sense it’s a bit dark.

The acting in this film has a predominate role in developing the storyline .The movie stars Renee Zellweger who portrays the character Roxie Hart and does an amazing job at playing a woman who is willing to do anything to become famous and pursue her dancing and singing career. Zellweger shows power and intelligence while playing Roxie Hart and people tend to forget that this is a time period where women didn’t have as many rights as men. On the other hand, there is Catherine Zeta-Jones who plays Velma Kelly and she also was very engaged in making her character stand out because we see her as the “ bad guy” in this story even though all of the women in the prison are, we know that she is an obstacle in Roxie Hart’s way because she is more famous and cold towards Roxie. In addition, another important character Billy Flynn, who is a criminal attorney with the ability to solve any problem so long as he’s paid $5,000, is played by Richard Gere. Gere did an amazing job in this movie because his expressions didn’t show any anger or anxiety. He always seemed to be calm and collective which is important for his character because Billy Flynn is a professional and handles all of his cases intelligently. He also likes having things go his way and as planned because knows by planning ahead he could…

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Film Critique: Chicago Film Critique: Chicago Film Critique: Chicago

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