The Incredibles Written and Directed By Brad Bird

At first, the creation of The Incredibles was difficult as the writer and director Brad Bird and his team had to switch from 2-D animation to 3-D. Bird found working with computer animation “difficult” in a different way than working traditionally, he also found the software “sophisticated and not particularly friendly.” This became the most complex film yet for Pixar. The characters were designed by Tony Fucile (Up, Ratatouille) and Teddy Newton. The film was primarily animated using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), this became a challenge for Bird and his team, especially the human characters.

Human characters were the most difficult thing to execute in animation. Creating an all-human cast required them to create new technology to animate detailed human anatomy, clothing, and realistic skin and hair.

For animated films like The Incredibles, CGI is the most effective way of animating because the quality is a lot higher than other methods of animation. Pre-rendering is a computationally-intensive process that is typically used for movie creation.

Pre-rendered graphics are generally used as cut scenes in modern video games. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, to achieve a much higher level of realism, game developers would turn to pre-rendered graphics. Pre-rendering has many advantages, for example it is possible to use graphic models that are more difficult to work with than the graphic models that are rendered in real-time. The disadvantage of pre-rendering in video game graphics is that is has a lower level of interactivity with the player and changes to the pre-rendered assets cannot be made during gameplay.

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Animated movies that use CGI, such as Toy Story and Shrek are usually pre-rendered so that they do not lag and stutter when being played for the public. Shrek used around five million render hours to pre-render.

Real-time rendering is usually created for 3D video games which are usually dependant on the use of the computer’s graphics cards with 3D hardware accelerators. When real-time graphics is used in movies, the director is in charge of what must be drawn on each frame. In video games, animations occur at any time and must be loaded in. For example, in GTA V, characters and NPCs with their animations will have to loaded in real-time to avoid lag when playing the game. The file size for GTA V is 65GB.  Most 3D objects created for video games will be made up of a large number polygons. A polygon connects a series of coordinates using numerous lines, these coordinates will be used in the 3D space the computer makes. GTA V can handle more than one hundred thousand polygons.

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