My Favorite Comedy Movie "Rob-B-Hood"

Who does not love comedy films? It is always nice to spend 1-2 hours getting a good laugh during free time. There is one movie I watched since I was a kid but I did not understand the meaning behind it, I rewatch it recently and I finally figure out that it is not just a comedy show but a good example to educate people. And it name is Rob-B-Hood.

This film Rob-B-Hood tells the story of a kidnapping gone wrong in Hong Kong; a group of burglars consisting of Octopus, Thongs and the Landlord kidnap a baby from a rich family on behalf of triads.

After the landlord being arrested, Thongs and Octopus take care of the baby for some time, developing strong bonds with him. Although they are reluctant to hand the baby over, the two are forced to protect him from the triads who employed them at first. Rob-B-Hood) is a 2006 Hong Kong action comedy film written, produced and directed by Benny Chan, and starring Jackie Chan, Louis Koo, Yuen Biao and Michael Hui.

The film was produced with a budget of HK$ 130 million. It is also the first film in over 30 years in which Jackie Chan plays an anti-hero.

I choose this film for many reason. First of all, I love comedy show even it is not easy to write reflection. Watching comedy show is part of my life. Secondly, there are a lot of similarities between the main character and my father. The first time I watch this film I felt sorry for the baby and felt the three burglars were quite fun.

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After I rewatching it, I truly feel happy for this baby but sympathy for the three burglars. In the film, Jackie is a hopeless gambler who is a disappointment to his father while Louis Koo once again mocks his slick image by appearing as an under-the-thumb lothario. Some of the sub-plots are throwaway devices with little real importance other than the chance to shoe-horn in another popular actor, but a few seem to have enough life of their own. The mentally unstable villain is an unusual, yet welcome inclusion and even helps us feel some measure of sympathy for his mourning.

As I mentioned, the role of Jackie Chan is a hopeless gambler is very similar to my father back to the time when I was a child. There will be no winner in gambling, my father was losing quite a lot of money and still wanted to win back with one shot. At a result, he had to pay for the debt by mortgaging his own house. He asked the whole family for help and all the family members donated some money to help my father to get back the house. My grandparents were disappointed by my dad and I was also looked down by the family members.

The family environments of people with gambling problems will usually have low levels of clear and effective communication as well as high levels of anger and conflict, less independence, less engagement in cultural and intellectual activities, a lack of commitment and support, little direct expression of feelings, and less participation in social and recreational activities. Such family environments are comparable to people who have drinking problems. What is more, the children of people with gambling problems will be stressed by many factors, including financial and emotional deprivation, inconsistent discipline, physical isolation, parental neglect/abuse and rejection, family conflict, poor role modelling, and reduced security and stability. Therefore, staying away from gambling is the only way to win in life.

The theme of Rob-B-Hood in my opinion, is Family. Although this is a comedy show, I can feel the clear tension and conflict inside the family of Thongs due to his irresponsible action of gambling which set a bad image for his brothers and sisters and more importantly, the family is consistently threatened by loan shark. Thongs was busy gambling and got no time to care about his family which I found it a very good example to alert our Singapore families nowadays.

A recent survey by the Families for Life Council shown that one in 10 people here spent six hours or less every week with his or her family. That is actually less than an hour each day by further calculation. Despite that family, health, and financial stability – in that order – are the top priorities in life for Singaporeans, work is getting in the way of quality family time, respondents said. Half of the people who felt that they were not spending enough time with their families said that their long working hours keep them away from their family; 34 per cent said other members in the family worked long hours. Here we can see that different kinds of reasons can separate family members apart. However, most of the people do know that they can still squeeze quite a lot of time to stay with their families, it is just that they do not want to do so.

Since family is important, so how we can spend the time wisely to have better family relationship? Here are the tips: First of all, talking and sharing a laugh by using everyday time together. For example, family meals and car travel will be great for catching up on the day. Secondly, talking to each family member to strengthen individual relationships. It can be just five minutes before each child goes to bed. In addition, set aside time with your partner, if you have one. It is a very good idea to teach your children that its good for your relationship with your partner to have such quality time together. Last but not least, do regular, fun things together as one family. This can be something very simple like a family basketball game at a park nearby on Sunday, or a family card games night every two weeks. Lastly, Making decisions with family members about what to do for special events like New Year activities. Young children can also be part of these decisions. Lets start to treasure our family.

In conclusion, no gambling and more time on family are the key intensions from the director. I sincerely hope everyone can have a good relationship with the families and thank you for reading this long reflection.

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My Favorite Comedy Movie "Rob-B-Hood"
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