The following example essay on “Event Management: HIV/Aids Awareness Day” is a report on one of the most important areas of work to prevent the spread of HIV infection is to inform the public through large-scale communication campaigns.

Event direction is a uninterrupted procedure that revolves around the use of undertaking direction patterns, in the creative activity and scheduling of events such as conferences, seminars, festivals and concern exhibitions ( Polivka 1996 ) . It involves the planning, monitoring and controlling of activities and resources that would be used, as an event evolves from a preliminary construct into an active and operational execution.

The procedure of event direction involves analyzing the intent of the event, placing the prospective mark audience, contriving a suited event construct, planning and organizing the logistics and eventually put to deathing the proposed event ( Renton 1994 ; Passingham 1995 ) . It is of import to observe that event direction continues even after the executing of the existent event. Post-event analysis is necessary to estimate the ultimate success or failure of an event.


Since the find of HIV/AIDS at the terminal of the twentieth Century, instances of new infections have been on the rise in dismaying rates, peculiarly in African and Asiatic states ( Petersen 2006 ; David 2009 ) . This is in malice of educational and awareness runs, by both governmental and other non-governmental organisations ( NGOS ) . The fact that more people have easy entree to information sing the pandemic has non changed HIV prevalence in most states. It is going clearer that the spread of the HIV virus might be due to other grounds and non due to a deficiency of behavioural alteration or mere ignorance.

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HIV/AIDS consciousness yearss have been used to seek to educate the population and finding possible factors for the lifting infection rates.

It is fast going world that most of the methods used to educate the population might be uneffective in the battle against HIV/AIDS. Many events are held every twelvemonth seeking to turn to this pandemic. Harmonizing to Rockstroh et Al. ( 2008 ) , while some events might assist in cut downing infections, others end neglecting. This indicates that the organisational methodological analysis plays a cardinal function in finding their overall success of events.

Main Purpose of Event

The chief intent of this HIV/AIDS consciousness twenty-four hours was to inform and educate the community on several subjects related to HIV/AIDS. Despite the fact that most people know of HIV/AIDS, many myths and misconceptions about the virus persist. Peoples still believe in these myths and uphold the misconceptions about the virus. The intent of the event was to clear up and take these myths and misconceptions, through the instruction of the mark population on the facts about the disease.

Scope of the Event

Harmonizing to Danta and Dusheiko ( 2008 ) , in this epoch of HIV/AIDS, consciousness and instruction about the virus deserves a national audience, if non an International 1. However, the mark audience in this event was the local community in Darling which is a rural town in South Africa.

The age scope was between the ages of 15 old ages to 35 old ages, as this age group is the worst affected by the pandemic. Nevertheless, older people were allowed to go to the event, as it was a public meeting of planetary importance. The chief ground for holding a little mark audience was due to two factors. First, it is easier to convey a message to a smaller group of people without falsifying the information. Furthermore, it is besides easier to affect a little mark audience in an event ‘s activities, as it is financially executable ( Cotterell 1994 ; Goroll et Al. 2000 ) .

The event takes topographic point in a secondary school in Darling which is a little town in South Africa to delver a specific message to local and international young person. The school is non merely a topographic point to larn but it is besides a topographic point to educate.

The terminal of the school twelvemonth is a suited clip for this event in order to direct young person from different negative state of affairss that they may see at this period of clip to productive experiences affecting duties and exciting societal and educational event ( Srevent, 2010 )

The chief subject of the event is the bar and intervention of HIV/AIDS. The motto is ” listen, you may acquire it! ” to educate young person that they may be infected by HIV/Aids if they do non follow the safe medical pattern.

Since HIV/AIDS being a planetary pandemic, the event received fiscal support from the Government, ( NGOS ) international givers and local organisations. The physical resources required included collapsible shelters, music & A ; sound equipment and a public presentation phase among many others. Most of the support forces were voluntaries and local young person. Due to monolithic support from organisations, the assorted costs were easy achieved.

This HIV/AIDS consciousness twenty-four hours took a paradigmatic displacement from the norm, as it addressed the affairs at manus utilizing a really different manner. Most events that address HIV/AIDS events are frequently education oriented, whereby attendants are literally taught in categories or treatment groups about HIV/AIDS. This event incorporated the entreaty of athleticss, music and other merriment activities to learn the audience and peculiarly young person on how to protect themselves from infection. Figure ( 5, 6, 7 )

How did Event Address the Subject

The chief subject of the event was the bar and intervention of HIV/AIDS. The event started with a keynote address from wellness experts and local functionaries. This was followed by some inspirational music from invited creative persons. In add-on to entertaining the audience, the creative persons ensured that the vocals they were executing were enlightening and associating to the subject of the event. Musical public presentations where interchanged with short play and skits about HIV/AIDS. The most interesting thing was that some of these musicals and skits were played out in the local idiom and therefore catching the full attending of the audience. Not merely were these dramas informative, but besides capturing and interesting.

The public presentations were followed by mini-competitions including association football competitions, short races and merriment games for the younger age groups. The squads take parting were drawn from the local population. Each of the athleticss uniforms they have oning conveyed a different message about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. Just before the winning squads were feted, a association football ball was inserted inside a rubber, merely to exemplify how elastic rubbers can be, much to the amusement of the immature audience.

The addresss were intentionally short, to expeditiously capture the attending of the audience. Appleby ( 2002 ) argues that, research shows that immature people do non like long addresss and formalities. Therefore, the event organisers ensured that keynote talkers were short and precise while concentrating on the chief message. There was a inquiry and reply session, whereby participants had the opportunity to inquire their questions. All the inquiries were answered satisfactorily by the squad of physicians who were invited to the event.

The audience besides got a opportunity to be tested for HIV, free of charge. The squad of professional counsellors ensured that participants underwent voluntary guidance Sessionss before and after proving. The fact that the trials were free got a immense response from the audience. The trials were confidential and those who tested positive likely received mentions on where they could get down having intervention.

The coordination of the event was superb. There were no struggles in the deputation of responsibilities. Every individual had his or her function to play, as the event activities were being executed. In add-on, there were no enlistments or clip holds ; bespeaking the high degree of planning and readying. The event director must hold put in.

Event Closing

At the closing of the event, participants received freebees such as Jerseies, umbrellas, utensils and caps branded with anti-Aids messages. For those who did non understand the message through the addresss, they certainly got it through the branded points. In add-on to the free points, informational booklets were given out to the participants. This will surely guarantee that those who did non acquire the opportunity to go to the event can still larn about the virus through from the informational booklets.


The brilliant organisation of this HIV/Aids Awareness twenty-four hours is a clear indicant that originative thought plays a cardinal function in finding the ultimate success of an event. There are so many HIV/AIDS consciousness events these yearss, but most of them employ bing constructs therefore, taking to hapless attending. Creative thought is the mental procedure that involves the find of new and superb thoughts. It is the ability to contrive new thoughts by uniting, altering or reapplying bing thoughts. In event direction, originative thought aids event directors and organisers to place thoughts that could capture the attending of their mark audience in a bewitching manner.

In this instance, the HIV/AIDS consciousness event incorporated superb thoughts such as featuring activities, music, skits, merriment games and other competitions. Since it was a youth event, these thoughts were resistless to the mark audience, and played a cardinal function in the general success of the event. The participants were non merely educated about HIV/AIDS, but besides got a opportunity to bask and entertain themselves. The planning and readying of the event was every bit brilliant. An event coordinator was responsible for placing event undertakings and deputing responsibilities to the squad members. This ensured that the opportunities of duty struggles originating were minimum. The appraisals were besides realistic, the clip intervals between event activities were manageable plenty to guarantee that no activity was rushed or delayed.

Event direction goes beyond the executing of the existent event. An event is said to be successful, if it is executed and completed within the allocated clip, the budgeted costs and the specified degrees. Changes to the range should be minimum and the event should run into the needed qualities and criterions. Technical enlistments are sometimes allowed, as they are frequently unanticipated. In this HIV/AIDS consciousness event, the director surpassed the minimal event ends, by guaranting that the targeted audience who did non acquire a opportunity to go to the meeting still received information about HIV/AIDS, from the booklets. In add-on, the event ran swimmingly without any clip holds, alterations to the plan or any other hindrances. As a consequence, the event was considered a success.

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