An Analysis of the Social Factors Influencing the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

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Social factors have significance in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Many educational programs have been created to inform the public about HIV/AIDS. Free testing and brochures can be found at almost any medical institution or drug rehabilitation building. Public awareness of the causes and preventions of HIV/AIDS has also greatly attributed to controlling the epidemic. Activist groups such as ACT UP created a voice for the HIV/AIDS community and allowed them to express their freedom and rights as human beings.

ACT UP played a major role in the fight against HIV/AIDS and its influence led to many positive outcomes.

Various methods can be utilized towards a certain goal, however competing strategies can sometimes conflict with one another which ultimately defeats the purpose. One of ACT UP’s strategies was to oppose the overpriced HIV/AIDS drug costs. A few of the members tied themselves to the balcony of the New York Stock Exchange during a protest. It also brought the attention that acts UP needed and led to a nationwide awareness of the unjust ways of drug manufacturing companies.

People finally began to see HIV/AIDS in a new light and understand the ordeal that was ensuing throughout the nation.

The “Stop the Church” demonstration by ACT UP was very controversial. Although their goal was eventually completed they went about it in an impertinent manner. They disrupted church service for devoted church members and showed no respect for the service that was being held. Another extreme tactic that I viewed negatively was the “Ashes Action.

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” They utilized radical tactics to voice their anger and frustration with their neglect. Though they had some negative impacts from their tactics, their activism was effective. They sparked attention from the media and were able to spread their beliefs worldwide.

The type of activism that needs to be done here and globally to stop the spread of HIV is consumer boycotting. Whenever money is involved in a situation, it automatically sparks attention. It is also one of the strongest and most influential tactics that a group can perform because you cannot be forced to buy a company’s products. The activism demonstrated in the video is still necessary today. Ideas that would warrant this type of activism are more awareness about individuals living with HIV. People need to realize that a positive diagnosis is not a death sentence and that people in the HIV/AIDS community live normal lives just like every other human being I have always felt very controversial towards needle exchange programs. In a way, I feel as though it is encouraging drug users to continue what they are doing. They are rewarding them for doing illegal activities by encouraging them to continue their drug abuse. Although their intentions may be pure, they can find other ways to help that do not involve giving out clean needles. They can focus their efforts on other issues such as increased funding for drug rehab counseling and treatment, or expanding health coverage for the uninsured.

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