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Specific purpose: Inform my audience about a career in event planning and what the job consists of. Central idea: Event planning is an excellent career with feelings of reward. Desired response: As a result of my speech, my audience will be more informed of the hard work that goes into planning an event.

Thinking back what was the last event that you attended? Was it a wedding, concert, a party, a show or a dinner? I’m sure thinking back to this event you are reminded of great memories with people you enjoy being around.

Ive not only loved to attend these types of event but I’ve also enjoyed planning them.

The older and more comfortable I become with myself the more I realize certain qualities I possess and how I can apply them. I’ve recognized that I enjoy giving people something to look forward to that enables them to get together and enjoy each other’s time and company.

Today I will be describing to you my future career as an event planner. First, I will be sharing with you what planning an event entails, next I will share the different types of event planners, and finally the skills that join the world of event planning. (Transition: Let’s start with what it is you need in order to plan a successful event.)

Why Event Management As A Career

I. There are many details that go into planning an event someone of this profession requires multitasking skills in a very organized structure.

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a. This is where your time management skill come into play. Even the smallest event, if not planned accordingly can go crashing down.

b. While staying on top of everything in a timely matter its important to keep in mind the purpose of your event. If it’s a celebration for a particular person you want to make sure you’re doing whatever it takes to make the guest of honor happy.

c. In order to keep organized of everything going on it’s important to keep a notebook handy where you are able to keep up with various details, notes and receipts.

d. Given that this is a good amount of work you are encouraged to always ask for help and seek out new friends and connections that could potentially benefit you later. (Transition: Now that I’ve discussed everything that goes into planning an event, let’s move on to the many different types of events.)

II. Event planners are very diverse in terms of the individuals and the kinds of events they require planning. There are many different types of even coordinators and it’s up to you what kind you would like to become.

a. For an event planner of a party planning company, you will have the largest range of events to work with.

b. As an event planner of a corporation, hospital, or university, your experience will be limited to the specific needs of each organization

c. When you choose to work for a foundation as an event planner, your skills may be utilized for an annual gala. (Transition: Now that I’ve given you an overview of the different types of event planners, let finish up with qualities you must possess in order to become a successful event planner.)

III. There’s more skills required that go into event planning in order to be successful.

d. First and foremost someone pursuing a career in event planning should have great people skills.

e. The Event Manager needs to be communicative, with the ability to listen and understand what the client is looking to achieve, as well as being able to convey that concept when selecting and negotiating with vendors.

f. Organization, as I’ve mentioned many times before. The event manager needs to coordinate a number of responsibilities and manage many teams simultaneously

g. An event manager also needs to be flexible. In any event, things can and will change with a moment’s notice. The event manager needs to be able to work around it without any distress.

h. An event manager must be responsible. Regardless of what goes right and what goes wrong, the success of an event, and all its coordinates, is the manager’s responsibility.

i. A successful event manager needs to be enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Enthusiasm and passion brings about creativity and generates excitement


As you can see I have some knowledge and passion about my future career. I feel as if the qualifications I possess can be contributed and beneficial towards this particular career of event planning. Today ive talked to you about what working as an event planer entails, the different types of events, and finally the qualification you must possess. I ask that next time you’re at an event enjoying yourself take a minute to think about all the hard work and dedication that went into planning that event and realize someone was needed to oversee all the details to ensure that, that event happens and that it is a success.

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