Why Family Matters Essay

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The issue of having a family or not and its importance is marked with many controversies. This is because parents are well known to be effective to their children’s moral, values, and ethics. But to bring up a morally and ethically upright child requires a lot of effort, determination, and the willingness to have an admirable generation. This controversy is compounded by the fact that many people find happiness in having a family while others finds it extremely demanding and unnecessary as compared to other things which fulfils their subconscious need of happiness and hence the  purpose of existence.

It is in this interest that this essay is written. It focuses on the importance of having a family, moral and ethical values learned from parents, the support we get from parents and the importance of siblings to a person.In my opinion, having parents in a family is important in the sense that they teach a child some basic and necessary virtues, which are required by any human being to feature in the modern and diverse society.

For instance, parents introduce the importance of love, which is a subconscious need of humanity and is a virtue, which is carried forward in life time. Family as a small group of people is always united on basis of love. A child is forgiven when he or she does a mistake and even when he or she is punished; the child is still accommodated in the family no matter how big the mistake is.

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Respect is another value of life which is taught and learned from our parents. As a child, my parents taught me the importance of respecting my seniors and juniors. They stressed that being rude to people has no gain and therefore all people should be treated equally and respected no matter there standards of living or their status. Still to be noted here is the fact that respect between our parents and the peaceful way of solving their personal differences cultivates a sense of respect and hence peaceful interaction with our members of the society, particularly members of the opposite sex.Honest is another virtue which is instilled into our life by our parents. My parents taught me that cheating results to guiltiness, shame, and demoralization. It costs much more effort than saying the truth and when noticed, it lowers someone’s integrity and value. They encouraged me to be honest with myself and others. They showed me the importance of accepting my weaknesses, developing a positive stance towards life, and helped me in establishing realistic goals and career, which utilized my full potential.Parents are the main sources of financial support. It is a desire and responsibility of parents to provide their children with the financial support they deserve. My parents taught me that people have differences in financial capabilities and therefore I should not compare myself with other people. They therefore taught me how to limit my needs within my income. As a young child, they provided the basic needs and made sure that I was not engaged in child labor to get financial help. I therefore struggle to provide for my children as my parents did.Lastly having siblings provides an opportunity of putting these values in practice. Loving your siblings, respecting them, and being honest helps in adopting these values and making them part of your life. In addition to this, helping your siblings to achieve something brings a sense of responsibility and maturity. Correcting their mistakes helps you in handling your problems. Siblings are therefore important because they help somebody to build his/her character by practicing values taught by the parents and hence applying them in the future.In conclusion therefore, parents play a great role in building up our characters, behavior and perception towards life. Dealing with our siblings cultivates a sense of responsibility and maturity, which is an important value of life.

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Why Family Matters Essay
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