Why My Vote Matters

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On November 6th, we all have the opportunity to exercise our rights as citizens and cast our ballots for the person we think will best guide us through the next four years and perhaps beyond. None of us knows what the outcome will be. But each of us who votes does so with our hearts, minds, and prayers in the hopes that whichever candidate wins, he (and someday she) will be a worthy steward of the power invested in them as the governor of our state.

Only time will tell if that kind of leadership emerges from this election.

But I want to point to something larger and perhaps less obvious than whether or not you vote in the election on November, 6th. I ask you to consider: what happens to the human spirit if ‘you’, the steward of that spirit, decide that your ‘vote’ doesn’t matter? The unconscious message being conveyed is ‘you don’t matter

It seems to be a universal experience in the human journey that somewhere along the road between birth and death, we all become disappointed or feel betrayed, we all have our hearts broken, our hopes punctured, our dreams dashed.

At some point, we all feel misunderstood, mistreated, or misjudged.

It’s not what happens to us that matters, it’s what we do with what happens to us that counts. And if in the face of disappointment, loss, and devastation, you or I or we decide that ‘life sucks, who cares, why bother, I give up, my vote and voice don’t matter, then the spark of life that is your spirit, your authentic self, the part of you that came here to wake and show up, the light in you that came to shine, grows dim and eventually, that light goes out.

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Maybe your body is still walking around, but then you; you came to be, the unique expression of your spirit

So before you decide your vote doesn’t matter in this election, I ask you to consider this question: where else in your life are you ‘sitting this one out? Where have you pulled back, gathered up your marbles, and left the playing field because you didn’t like or agree with the way the game was being played? What relationships have stopped working due, in part, to your decision not to fully participate?

You might be correct in your assumption that not voting is a way to register your destiny for the corruption of the process or the candidates. I would not argue that the process is without serious problems. Nevertheless, by not participating in the process, you give up your right to have a say in the matter. That, ultimately, is the premise upon which this country was founded.

If you think your one vote doesn’t matter, consider what the outcome would have been if our founding fathers felt that way. We wouldn’t be here, for starters. Think of people who have made a difference throughout history. People like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Madame Curie, Henry Ford, the Wright brothers, Jonas Salk, Margaret Sanger, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey. Then there are the ones whose names most of us

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