Eldest Brother with Two Younger Sisters

Currently he Is 20 years of age, and he is the eldest with two younger sisters. Nikkei Sorrels (17 years old), and Stella Sorrels (10 years old). His Mother Dora Sorrels Is Colombian and the middle child of seven children and his father Bobby Sorrels Is Greek and has six siblings. Both Dora and Bobby are hard workers who provide the best they can for their family. Dora is a physical therapist, while Bobby worked In construction. Growing up with such a large family allowed for George to become very family oriented at a young age.

Interestingly enough, he has family spread all over the world In places such as, California, Texas, Valhalla, Greece, Columbia and even Australia! George always seemed to take a lot of Interest In his Greek heritage, coincidentally adopting many of his fathers genetic traits. At the age of seven, George was enrolled In Transfiguration Greek School where he attended from grades two through five. At Transfiguration George learned to speak Greek fluently.

Taking initiative his supportive family encouraged him to practice at home as well. At the age of six

George began to attend AS 1 72 Elementary school for grades one through five, and then later attended IS 5 Middle school until 8th grade. For grades nine through twelve, he attended Francis Lewis High School. For many people high school is the time where they find their way and purpose and that is exactly what happened in his case. While at Francis Lewis, George began to discover his true hobbies that he would later decide to peruse in college.

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Although he struggled to do well in high school in the beginning, he excelled toward the end and had the honor of graduating early.

George Sorrels

This jump start allowed George to thoroughly think over what he wanted to do with his future, and gave him that extra head start to explore. Ata young age, George’s father Bobby Sorrels encouraged him to play soccer and like his father, he showed great talent. George still plays soccer, although not on a team, he does play in his free time as a hobby. Other hobbies that he shares with his father and takes great Interest in are poker and fishing. Many people may think poker is all luck. But he is known to argue that it is a game of skill; because the outcome of the game primarily upends on individual natural ability and skill.

George like his parents, Is a hard worker, and currently works part time at a Greek restaurant in Astoria, New York called PM Tavern. He is currently a full time student at Laggardly Community College where he is looking to further his education. George Is looking forward to graduating and hopefully transferring to a four year college to receive his bachelor’s degree. Although a difficult task, he has learned to balance family, friends, and both his Job and school work on a day to day basis. Over time he has learned the

Importance of education and the advantages you gain from obtaining a degree. Although not completely sure of what he wants to graduate with, George Is Interested in astronomy, myths, theories and conspiracies. Due to past experiences George Sorrels’ motto has always been, “Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable. ” Mr.. Sorrels has overcame many obstacles in his twenty years. He feels as if these obstacles, although hard at the time, were worth it because succeed in his life and most importantly in his future.

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Eldest Brother with Two Younger Sisters
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