My Hero Is My Older Brother

To me a hero is someone I look up to, respect and admire for various reasons. A hero is someone you want to model at least some aspects of yourself after. A hero is first off successful, they will not stop until they have achieved their goals, whatever the goals they have set might be, they will be persistent until they have ultimately gotten what they wanted.

Secondly a hero is very intelligent, they pride themselves on being brilliant. To be considered brilliant, at least in my opinion one must make his or herself knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects rather than just gaining expertise concerning a single area of anything.

To have such an impact on some ones life that they write about you in their 12th grade English paper entitled My Herol then you must be a very smart person, who always at least seems to know what your talking about.

Another trait I found very important when selecting my hero was confidence.

If you donit exude confidence in yourself, why would you expect anyone else to have confidence in you? This goes back to quality one and two, if you make sure you donit speak about things of which you have no knowledge then you can be confident that you will not make a fool of yourself, hence avoiding costing yourself some of your precious dignity. Also if you know that you will not stop trying for something until you have achieved your goal and you have proven this to yourself at least a few times over you can go into any endeavor with complete confidence in yourself.

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This, I feel is the most important quality in a person who you look up to, or a hero. The willingness to take chances will be the one thing that can make you as happy and content as you could possibly be, or make you as miserable and unhappy as anyone can imagine, and a hero should be willing to take chances to achieve happiness or whatever it might be that they want at the moment. To Isell yourself shorti is to give up on yourself as a person and my hero would never do such a thing.

My hero is my older brother, he is in his mid-twenties, and is one of the most successful, confident and daring people I know of. I admire my brother so much because he has everything he has ever wanted, and it wasnit handed to him, he went out and did whatever it took to get the things he wanted. He owns 3 of his own business, selling alphanumeric pagers, a Ofirst of its kindi auto body repair shop, and an online business finder, all of which are doing very well. He has a beautiful girlfriend that he never stops impressing, he is my role model, and for the purposes of this paper, he is my hero.

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