The Odyssey vs. O Brother, Where art thou

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A good adaptation of a book into a film should have all the original characters and the book’s original setting. Having the original characters and the setting makes the film easier to watch. Having those main characteristics makes it easier for the audience to see the relationship to the book. O Brother, Where art thou is not a good reflection of the Odyssey because the setting is different, Oddyseus and Everet have different characteristics, and the role of Penelope is very different in the film.

The Plot

The plot of the Odyssey is that Oddyseus is on a journey home to his wife and son to protect them from the suitors. He has been gone for 20 years and has to go through many challenges throughout his journey home. One challenge is that they were trapped in a cave with the cyclops and they had to find a way out. The 2nd challenge is that the sirens pulled them into a palace and Circe turned them into animals.

The plot of Oh Brother how Art Thou is that Everett was in prison and had to get out to go find his children and wife before she marries another man.

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He has many challenges throughout the journey.

Setting is a key part of any film. The Odyssey is set in ancient times. Odysseus is a King who is on a journey and gets delayed by the gods. He spends a great deal of time on the sea. In Oh Brother, Everett is a prisoner who broke out of jail and is trying to find his wife before she marries another man. Penelope who is Odyssus’s wife is trying to find him and believes he is alive and will come home. Penny, who is Everett’s wife, thinks he will never come home and she is moving on. Odysseus only has one kid, Telemachus, who was very small when he left and does not really remember him. Everett has 7 kids all daughters, they all think he has died.

Differences between The Odyssey and O Brother

These key differences explain that The Odyssey and O Brother, Where art thou are very different. There are some similarities about them though, One similarity is that they both are on a journey to find their wives. They are also with men to help them with that journey. They go through many challenges and the men are with them to help.

A film will be a better adaptation if they are similar. The film would be better if it had the same characters but in a setting where Odysseus was. Another similarity is that they were both on a quest to find their wives and to protect them from any other man. The film was not a good adaptation of the book because there are so many differences between the book and the film. In conclusion, the differences outweigh the similarities.

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