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Cell phones, laptops, computers, tablets-some things that were unheard of Just a few years ago, have manifested themselves In the lives of many In our society today, now considered a ‘necessity. Though they claim to make our lives easier, personal technology like phones, computers, TV’s and cars will simplify tasks, make people less independent, and drastically change their lives. The growing dependence society has on personal technology is a detrimental path that is shrinking peoples brain capacities, contributing to long term health Issues, and isolating them from society.

Throughout history, humans have always been evolving. Every time something new Is discovered, our knowledge expands. However will there be a time when the capableness of gadgets will surpass humans? As summarized by philosopher, Karl Marx, “The production of too many things results in too many useless people. ” Take the example of a calculator. It instantly solves complex math problems that would otherwise take someone minutes to complete. Although children in the future won’t need to learn basic math skills like long division because calculators will do It for them.

Personal genealogy has created an environment that fosters the use of very little brain power: cars can drive themselves, bad grammar corrected by spell check, and sir’ can text people for you. This may seem like a simple and advanced world, but it is a double edged sword. With each new gadget that promises to make our lives easier, comes a stronger dependence humans have on personal technology. Humans are being pulled farther from their human culture and being diluted into the digital age.

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Losing the basic capabilities that make humans special-Like writing and calculating- is demandingly In a new way.

People are watching their very existence be wiped away and they are too busy watching TV. Many argue that technological advancements are beneficial because they further medical research to find cures for diseases. However, in recent studies obesity has surpassed smoking as the number one cause of preventable death in the United States. The obesity of low income families increased by 400% after being given a computer, TV and car. Their physical activity levels decreased by 31%, with 21% more sitting. Evidently, personal technology makes for a very complacent and lazy society.

With being able to finish your homework, talk to a friend, watch a video, even order food, all without having to get out of your chair, the need for physical activity is becoming alarmingly obsolete. People are able to drive cars instead of walking-thanks to technology. People can research things online instead of having to go to the library-thanks to technology. People can sit and watch thousands of shows to entertain themselves instead of going outside and playing sports-thanks to technology. Isn’t It ironic how technology is helping solve health Issues, yet promoting them at the same time?

Although technology yields many benefits, there are major repercussions to suffer if we become too dependent. With the ease of talking friends and playing games online, a virtual reality is created that allows the user to immerse themselves in a world that isolates them from society. The lure of endless websites, social networks to update and videos to watch prevent students from wanting to spend time outside or with their family and friends. The television eliminates the need for relationships. This overuse and dependence is no different than that of a drug addict.

Addicts are looked down upon in society with pity or not having the will power to stop or ability to see how their addiction is ruining their lives, but really how different is society with personal technology? After being provided a solution for a problem we never had, in a couple months we immediately think we cannot live without it. How long was it until we realized smoking was bad? It was okay back then because everyone did it. How long will it be until society realizes the detrimental effect technology has on themselves? We are a species mean to evolve, we are human.

But with every new gadget that is innovated, we are pulled rather and further away from our humanly culture. The heavily growing independence shrinks brain capacities, contributes to obesity and isolates people from interaction. The need for calculating, and physical movement will soon become obsolete. Do we have the power to refrain from personal technology before it ruins us? Or will we be unable to function without phones, computers or cars? It is time for us to turn off our computers, phones, cars and TV’s and unplug, or else we will continue to fuel the demutualization of society and irreversibly evolve into the robotic, technological age.

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