Strict Parent V. Nurturant Parent

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Strict fathers can often be difficult to get along with and maybe a little hard on you at times but the morals and self discipline he instills in you will last a lifetime. Conservative government believes our nation should be ran as an old fashioned type family where the father is the man of the house, hence the strict father model, where as the Liberal side of government believes that a mother and father should be nurturing and share control of the household evenly, hence the nurturant parent model.

The strict father is perceived as being too hard on his children while teaching them to become mature adults. His methods are misunderstood. The father is not trying to be hard on them just because he feels he can do whatever it is that he pleases or because that is part of his personality. He does not interfere with his children’s lives after moving out. They are to be mature self-disciplined and independent.

The father feels there is nothing left for him to teach them. I agree with this, it is a father’s duty to ensure that his children grow to be wise respected adults who go out and make something for themselves.I’m not saying the father and children cut off all forms of communication but the children must learn by trial and error on how to do things in life. You must fail before you can succeed, and that wont be possible if the father meddles and tells the children how it’s done or what they need to do.

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As for the nurturant parent model, the world is perceived as basically good and that it could be made better. The parents should nurture their children and they will grow up to nurture their own children.They believe that in order to take care of someone else one must be name 2 able to take care of themselves. If one cannot protect their child then they should seek the government’s help. In this model the world is perceived as a wicked and challenging place and that all children are born evil and must be made into admiral young adults. All children should be well aware of right and wrong and should be punished for wrong doings. This is how disciplined adults are created and these are the children who remain independent.The strict father ensures his children are all doing the right thing and strike the necessary amount of fear into them that they will be scared to do wrong for they will be punished appropriately. I think this is a good thing to instill in children young because they may think it is bad getting in trouble by the father but it’s even worse when they grow up and do things wrong when the reprucutions are much more severe. One of the things that the conservatives view as being wrong is abortion. According to conservatives abortion is wrong that a life begins at conception and that is considered murder.It is believed that the child has rights from the mother and that it should not be funded by the taxpayer’s dollars. As for the liberal side they believe that a woman has the right to do what she wants with her body and that a fetus is not a human being thus they receive no rights. They also believe that taxpayer’s dollars should support the women that can’t afford to have them done. I for one agree with the conservative side on this. I do not believe that a child should have its life taken before it has started. Everyone has their right no matter who they are or how old they are.There are cases when the mother feels she is not ready for a child, she is not in the position of her career that she desires, or it was conceived by a mistake. I believe that these are not excuses there are always options to do something for that child that can help. name 3 Another thing that conservatives view as bad is same sex marriage. They believe that marriage is between a man and a woman that is the belief and practice of many religions that are in the United States today. So, by allowing same sex marriage they are violating moral and religious beliefs mong millions of religions. Liberals believe that marriage is between two people that love each other and that it violates their civil rights to not be able to be married. I agree with the liberal side on this one. I believe that same sex marriage should be allowed. Everyone has the right to love who they so choose. A view that differs greatly between both parties is war on terrorism. Conservatives believe that terrorism is the United States biggest threat. Terrorist are unable to co-exist with people of the United States of America, they have killed many Americans.Liberals on the other hand believe that global warming is a bigger threat than terrorism. I for one disagree with the liberals here. Terrorism is a big deal; they claim many American lives daily. Military members fight and die everyday to keep this country free from terrorists and ensure that we have a great place to live and are able to express our opinions any way that we want. In conclusion as seen here there is a major difference between the liberal side of government and the conservative side. “Conservatives share an ideal model of what a family should be. (Lakoff 1) Where as “The nurturant parent model envisions a family model where children are expected to explore their surroundings with protection from their parents. ”(Factualworld 1) name 4 Works Cited Lakoff, George. “Metaphor, Morality, and Politics. ” Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research, 1995. Web. 14AUG2013. http://www. wwcd. org/issues/Lakoff. html. “Nurturant Parent Model. ” Factualworld. com. 2013. Web. 14AUG2013. http://factualworld. com/article/Nurturant_parent_model.

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