Living with Strict Rules

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Can?t be out past eleven, can?t wear what you want to wear, can?t do your hair how you want, and can?t spend your money how you want. Welcome too only some of the rules that my overly strict parents have placed on me. What have I done to deserve this Nothing. This is a problem that most teens and children face: overly strict parents. Even though my parents are overly strict, I know they are doing this for my own good.

My parents have always been strict on my other siblings and me. As we got older it only got worse.
When I was about 8-14 the war between my parents and me was not as bad. My brother and I had no problem being in by nine-o-clock (that was our curfew until we were in high school), mainly because our transportation was our parents, and they would pick us up from wherever we were.

Our curfew wasn?t really ever a big deal with my brother and me. What caused the biggest fights was that we wanted to go to different places with our friends that our parents did not approve of. Our mom and dad would not let us go

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Living with Strict Rules
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