Solutions to Nursing Shortage

Nevidjon, B. & Erickson, J. (2001, January 31). The Nursing Shortage: Solutions for the Short and Long Term. Available at The article provides overview of possible solutions to nursing shortage. The authors suggest that nursing shortage will become serious problem in near future and traditional strategies will have less success. Therefore, solutions should be developed in education, healthcare deliver systems, policy and regulations, and image.

Management Solutions For Combating Workforce Shortages. (2005, January). Available at It is mentioned that nursing shortage affect the work of many hosiptals.

Therefore, the auhtor assumes that it is necessary to increase salaries and to ensure more flexible scheduling options. the next possible solution is recruitment of foreign-born nurses. Nevertheless, deeper changes are required to solve existing problem.

Accelerated Programs: The Fast-Track to Careers in Nursing. (2005, March). Available at Depsite the fact that events taken place on the 11th of September, 2001, have significantly increased interest in nursing profession, shortage is apparent.

Therefore, it is necessary to introduce accelerated baccalaureate programs and generic master’s degree programs to increase number of nursing personnel.

Effective Strategies for Increasing Diversities in Nursing Programs. (2001, December). Available at The US government tries to find proper solutions to nursing shortage and, thus, thinks that it is necessary, firstly, to address emerging shortage crisis. The author assumes that nursing schools should aim at attracting more minority students and men.

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  The strategies to be used: traditional marketing methods, expanding student diversity, strategic planning.

Amid Nursing Shortages, Schools Employ Strategies to Boost Enrollment. (2000, June). Available at The article provides relevant solutions to resolve nursing shortage problem. The authors assume that the most efficient practices are: advertising and promotion, targeting non-traditional groups, hiring dedicated recruiters, improving financial aid, enhancing distance learning, etc.

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Solutions to Nursing Shortage
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