Socialization and Culture

Most of the societies have cultural issues and problems that must be dealt with which usually involves the matter of culture and social perception. Addressing this problem through the mediation of the government is very complicated thus, social opinions and cultural concepts must be incorporated to better understand the concern of the issue.

Children employment in the city is an issue that involves cultural views and social consideration. It is not merely deciding whether to illegalize it or not just by basing from the decisions and opinions of the political leaders but instead public views must be solicited to determine the technicality and ethicality of this issue.

Social perspective, whether ethnocentric or culturally relativistic- should also be considered in evaluating this issue.

Child labor and Social Culture

Social and cultural perspective are very important in factoring the opinion and views of the society regarding an issue whether they are ethnocentric or culturally relativistic. Ethnocentrism is defined as the view that one’s culture’s way of doing things is the right and natural way thus discriminating other by regarding them as barbaric and inferior than them.

On the other hand, cultural relativism is the attitude that other ways of doing things are different but equally valid thus this behavior tries to understand the others in cultural context.

Through conducting survey and soliciting public opinions, it was determined that most of society view the issue of child labor as a matter of necessity, which also makes it as a valid employment matter and not a matter of child abuse.

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It has been determined that this society is more culturally relativistic regarding this attitude thus most of them try to justify the dilemma of child labor. According to public opinion, child labor is being regarded as a means for children to help their family regarding financial issues. In addition, this labor contribution is needed on accounts of family business and income generation. In addition, a mean of acquiring personal work experiences and skills is viewed as essential to future employment challenges.

Due to this social perception and cultural attitude, child labor becomes a socially acceptable means of employment in the society. Since the society view this issue as a valid matter and not an abusive and discriminating one, government action should move in accordance to this opinion. Thus, government actions and policies should be made in accordance to this assumption so that the society could relate to it. The best course of action to be initialize regarding this issue is to make policies and amendment protecting the safety and work conditions of children regarding their employment.


Public opinion is very much vital in the movements and actions of the government. Social perspective should be considered as the eye of the government in viewing certain social and cultural dilemma. Social discretion and cultural behavior should considered in making course of actions government actions are intended for the betterment of the society. Thus, social opinion and cultural behavior are the factor in determining the ethicality and validity of a cultural issue whether it will be socially accepted or denied.


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