A Discussion of Violence against Women and the Way That Society Form Gender Roles in the Film Generation M and the Reading Sex-Role Socialization

Generation M and Sex-Role Socialization

In the film Generation M and the reading Sex-Role Socialization, it discusses violence against women and overall discusses the way that we form gender roles within our society. The purpose of watching the movie, “Generation M” and having to do the reading Sex-Role Socialization at the same time is because the reading is showing us the direct ways in which we are training our children on gender and pushing our ideas onto future generations and the video takes it a step further and shows the consequences of these strict gender roles being passed on (dieting, surgery, idealized beauty).

While we all hate to live in a culture where misogyny exists, we are allowing it to exist with these gender roles.

We can see that males are entitled and have been trained to take a more dominant role than women. Men are expected to speak up and have their voice be heard loud and clear. They are also rewarded for being in control and are looked at as cowardly if they let someone walk all over them.

These characteristics are mentioned several times in the Sex-Role Socialization reading. On the other hand of the spectrum we see that women are supposed to be subordinate to men. Women are expected to be passive when it comes to arguments and are more typically found staying silent. Women are also expected to stick to the strict gender roles when it comes to housework and other chores. While men are expected to take care of all the important decisions that come with having a family, women take the back seat because it would not be right to challenge a man.

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We also see problems with gender roles in the media.

In the media we can see that women are only shown as being sexual beings and not as being actual human beings with character traits. In video games, we see women being beaten by men to gain points. Another issue that was discussed in the video is the process of gender training and how this socialization leads us to conform to a particular group of people. Culture tells us what is okay and what is not okay and we need to start challenging these ideas if we want to make a change in our world and end violence against women. Wife abuse exists because we allow men to be dominant over women and have control and we need to end this.

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