Socialization and social construction are part of an individual’s social experience. Socialization is the manner by which an individual through his interaction with his environment learns of beliefs, attitudes, values and social order. In the same processes, he gains competencies that are part of his function and role in the said society (Neuliep 47). It can also be described as the operation of society to mold its members, establishing into the individual its consciousness (Berger and Luckmann 61). Therefore, the process of socialization reflects the roles and of individuals and institutions in the society and the expectations for them.

On the other hand, social construction refers to the social institutions, ideas, norms and concepts that a society creates to establish culture or social order. The idea was first proposed by Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann in their book The Social Construction of Reality where they presented social constructions to root from typefication of behaviors or interactions that become habits then eventually become institutions (79-91).

In any of these constructs, there is an underlying agreement among the members of the society to accept the constructs directly or indirectly for its value in maintaining the society.

One of the clear manner by which socialization and social constructs are influencing my like is in the changes in gender roles and expectations. Whereas before there is an assumption that women are for the home and men are to work, these roles are losing their value. One of the main reasons is that there is greater social acceptance of the either roles for either genders and the recognition of equal rights and responsibility in both genders in family life (Hoffnung 1).

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From a personal perspective, the operation of socialization and the development of social construct ahs influenced how I view myself, the roles I assume and the manner by which I act in these roles. The values that I have are echoed in the laws that govern my society such as in the manner to value life, respect property and deferring to authorities. It can be seen in the simplest of my actions: how I walk, dress or change my ways to adapt to social changes. Ultimately, it has influenced who I was , am and will be in the future.

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