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Media Essays Paper

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Choose a topic of research, develop the objectives of study (not less than 4 objectives), develop research questions, develop hypothesis, and state the purpose of the study, importance, scope, assumptions, and limitations of the study. Topic: Effects and impacts of social media on youth in the society today. Objectives: * To investigate the effect of social media on youth development. * To examine the relationship between the social media and youth performance in higher learning institutions. To establish the relationship between social media and youth employment opportunities. * To determine the relationship between social media and drug abuse among the youth in the society. Research questions * What do you understand by the term social media and list examples of social media you know? * How do the youths use the social media? * How are online users experiencing privacy issues on social networking sites? * What is the extent of usage of social media among university students? Is there a relationship between extent of usage of social media and communication with family and friends? * Is there a relationship between self-concept of university students and their use of social media? * To what extent should the social media be used in higher learning institutions? * In your opinion what skills do the youth learn from social media? * Do social media promote employment of youth in the society? * In what ways does it promote employment opportunities? * What are the effects of social media on the youth at the work place? Do social media promote drug abuse amongst the youth in the society? Hypothesis In a society where youth have access to social media will tend to perform well academically, economically and socially than those that has limited access to social media. Purpose of the study The purpose of the proposed exploratory quantitative study is to determine what the effects of youth interacting using social media are on the society as a whole. Importance of the study * It will enable in planning on the requirements of social media in the society. Enable promote the use of social media amongst the youth. * It will enable determine regulations to put in place to limit the extent of social media by the youth. * It will assist in determining the benefits of social media on the society. * It will assist in determining the relationship of social media and drug abuse among the youth in the society. Scope of the study * The use of social media by the youth in the society and its impacts. Assumptions of the study * The effects of social media on the youth have direct impact to the society. The youth are actively involved in the use of social media. * The use of drugs in the society can directly be linked to use of social media. Limitations of the study * Incorrect data and responses given in the questionnaires. * Lack of adequate sample size of collecting data. * Influence of the youth by organisation advocating for use of social media. KENYATTA UNIVERSITY BMS 305 ASSIGNMENT NAME: MUTHOMI TIMAN MWENDA REG NO:D33S/CTY/PT/13623/2011 DUE ON 19TH February 2013

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