According to Align and Gunderson (2002) “Quantitative research is an inquiry into a social problem, explain phenomena by gathering numerical data that are analyzed sing mathematically based methods. In particular statistics. ” Since the study emphasizes on the effects of media to the sophomore accounting students (e. G positive and negative) within their respective environment, the quantitative was the most suitable method to be used In the study. As shown In  the variables of the study Involves how frequent students use media

  • Social media Mass media,
  • positive effects of media
  • News,
  • Information Gathering
  • negative effects of media
  • Violence
  • Time Spent.

The respondents of the study are the selected University of Mindanao students specifically sophomore accounting students who were in enrolled in the university, 2nd term of the second semester of S. Y. 2014-2015. In the gathering procedure, there will be questionnaires that will be distributed to the selected students. The questionnaires will be compile and analyze based on what media greatly affects the students and In what way It changes the academic performance of an individual.

Participants of the Study

The participants of the study are the selected sophomore accounting students who are officially enrolled for the second semester in The university of Mindanao school year 2014-2015. Data Gathering The study will follow the procedures: a The participants will be Identified by checking If they are a second year BBS In Accountancy student. B They will be given survey questionnaires that will be related to the study. C The results of the survey will be analyzed according to the frequency and percentages.

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D From the analysis, conclusion will be interpreted and formulated.

Locale of the study The study will be conducted in the University of Mindanao, a private institution in Dave City in first semester and second term of school year 2014-2015. Particularly, the study will be performed in the third floor of the Business and Engineering building where accounting students are presently situated. Data Analysis Gathered data after the survey will be thoroughly evaluated to illustrate the effects of media in the student specifically to their academic performances. The use of percentages and frequencies will be properly observed to have a proper presentation of information.

First, the data will be analyzed based on how frequent students use media in terms of

  • mass media which could comprise the newspapers, magazines, television, and radio;
  • social media which could include the social networking sites.

Another significant variable to be analyzed will be on how media affects the academic performance of the students in terms of the

  • positive effects
  • negative effects.

Lastly, an analysis on the relationship of media and academic performance of the students will took place.

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