Sexual Harrasment in School

Effect of Sexual Harassment in School Schools are now more focused on physical bullying compare to Sexual Harassment. Sexual Harassment underestimated in some schools. James Gruber from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Susan Fineran from the University of Southern Maine in the United States said that Schools’ current focus on bullying prevention may be masking the serious and underestimated health consequences of Sexual Harassment. They also did research and found that the Sexual Harassment has a large negative impact on the health of adolescents from physically bully.

From the article sexual harassment give an impact to student. More than 48% of middle and high school students in United States (US) suffered sexual harassment both in person and online. 87% of those students said the experience had a negative impact on them. So, sexual harassment has an impact to student especially the victim. The negative impact that can be found from the article is sexually-harassed students that take part in the Association America University Women (AAUW) survey reported having trouble studying, not wanting to go to school, and feeling sick to their stomach.

This statement shows that, student cannot focus in their learning process when they had been harassed by other student. This is bad impact to student and it may cause them fail in their examination. Student also might not come to school because they feel very shy and afraid to being harassed once again. So, they cannot enjoy their school life and cannot achieve their dreams. The effect on the morale of all students can also be serious.

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Both men and women in a school can find their studying disrupted by sexual harassment even if they are not directly involved.

Sexual harassment can have a demoralizing effect on everyone within range of it, and it often negatively impacts school result on the whole. Some student stayed home from school, others skipped classes, drop after-school activities, took different routes to and from school, or changed school altogether. This is extrinsic impact to student because it affects their behavior. This behavior gives impact to their personal and academic life because sexual harassment affects their studying and personal activities. They also may loss their trust to the school. This is because school has give them negative memory.

Many girl having faced this behavior said that they find a difficulty to trust or having friendship with boy or men. This situation will affect their task especially group task because they do not trust men. So, they will ignore the different gender among their group. So, the productivity of the group will decrease. Sexual harassment can give an impact on student’s health. Most of students who have been sexually harassed experience mental and physical problems. This is true whether they complain about it or keep quiet. The most common mental problem is lack of concentration.

Other common symptom includes headache, nausea, sleeplessness, anorexia, overeating, and allergic reactions. Some potential effects a person who had been harassed may experience: 1. Anxiety, frustration, depression, nightmares, difficulty concentrating, headaches, fatigue, shame or guilt, feeling powerless, helpless or out of control, feeling angry towards harasser, loss of confidence and self-esteem, withdrawal and isolation, suicidal thought or attempts. 2. Retaliation from the harasser, or colleagues/friends of the harasser, should the victim complain or file a grievance.

Retaliation can involve revenge along with more sexual harassment, and can involve stalking the complainant. 3. Having to drop course, or change academic plans. Sexual harassment may impact grade performance for students. 4. Increased absenteeism to avoid harassment, or because of the illness from the stress. 5. Having one’s personal life held up for public scrutiny. The victim becomes the accused, and their dress, lifestyle, and private life will often come under attack. 6. A student that being harassed also can be objectified and humiliated by scrutiny and gossip. 7. Sexual harassment can make student becoming publicly sexualized. . Defamation of character and reputation of students. 9. Stress impacting relationship with others, sometimes resulting in the demise of the relationship. It also gives stress on peer relationships and relationships with colleagues. 10. Impact on reference/recommendation and loss of career. (from Woman Center Northwestern University) There’s a lot of negative impact of sexual harassment for students. School and teachers should know how to prevent and cure this problem. Sexual harassment gives negative impact of student learning process and development in school environment. Students also have their right to protect themselves.

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Sexual Harrasment in School
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